GARAGA adds a new garage door model: the PRINCETON

St‑Georges, February 2018

To complement the traditional and carriage house designs seen on many houses these days, Garaga is adding a new garage door model pattern to its range of residential garage doors, the PRINCETON model for its Townships Collection.

The Townships Collections includes 3 models: the Princeton, the Eastman and the Cambridge. All these steel doors are 2 3⁄8 inches thick, including the decorative PVC overlays.

Princeton P-22, 9' x 7', Ice White doors and overlays, Arch Overlays with Clear Panoramic windows


This model is mostly used for carriage house and Craftsman‑style house designs. What distinguishes this door is the fact its top glass section is 30 inches high. The Princeton comes in a choice of 9 different colors as well as up to 12 different decorative window options.

The Princeton is a 2 3⁄8‑inch‑thick steel door and insulated with polyurethane foam which provides an R‑16 insulation factor. Six different door designs are offered for widths of 8 to 18 feet and heights of 7 or 8 feet.

As we were told by Mr. Maxime Gendreau, Director of Marketing at Garaga, "This new garage door offers a rich and cozy style which will exceed homeowners’ expectations. We are confident this garage door model will WOW them! The Princeton door is offered with traditional‑style as well as carriage‑house overlay configurations."

These new door designs can now be seen on Garaga’s Design Centre at: