Winner of the 2019 CONTEST "Win a Smart Garaga Garage Door"

July 3rd 2019

Congratulations to Mr. Delsame, from Ste-Therese, Canada, who is the winner of the 2019 contest “Win a Smart Garaga”.

Win a Smart Garaga Garage Door contest

Here is the prize he won:

"Win a Smart Garaga!"

  • the purchase of an all-new Garaga garage door system
  • a model WLED garage door opener with:
    • belt drive with battery back-up
    • a 3-Button Visor Remote Control and a Smart Control Panel
    • a 3-Button Mini Remote Control
    • a Wireless Light Control
    • a Door and Gate Monitor
    • a Laser Parking Accessory
    • a Remote Light Switch
    • MyQ home bridge 819LMB
    • a Google Nest camera
    • All these tools are compatible with the MyQ application, from LiftMaster. To discover everything that this technology offers, watch the video.

Thank you to all the participants!


2019 Win a Smart Garaga Garage Door contest - Before


2019 Win a Smart Garaga Garage Door contest - After

Mr. Delsame chose for a Standard+ (R‑16) garage door, with 40" x 13" Satin Glass windows, Classic XL patterns, in the Moka Brown color. The results are very harmonious with his front door.

Imagine how adding windows will bring light into his garage while preserving his privacy.

You like this look? Browse here.

A reno that pays off!

According to the Remodeling, changing your garage door for a new one is the renovation project that pays off the most

Year after year, this project obtains between 95% and 98% return on investment, for a $3,500 investment and a half-day project.

A new kitchen or a new backyard are projects of around $55,000 to $66,000 whose return is only 55% to 59%. And let’s not forget how painfully long they are!