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    Garaga Garage Doors Difference

    Garaga garage doors are no ordinary doors. We are proud to share with you results of four tests that were performed under stick controlled parameters. Witness for yourself the difference between Garaga and the others!

    Stop the wind:

    You must expect your garage door to stop cold air from intruding in your house. Make sure you choose the right door to do so. Not all doors perform the same.
    Watch the video now and discover how Garaga Garage Doors stop the wind

    Keep the cold out:

    Ever heard of a thermal bridge? Your current garage door may have many of these, increasing your energy bills. If you want to know more, watch this video.
    Watch the video on how Garaga Garage Doors keep the cold out

    Brightness and beauty:

    The long-term appearance and curb appeal of your garage door hang on many small details that make a garage door look awesome. Get a closer look at how Garaga doors outshine the rest of the pack. Watch the video on Garaga Garage Doors brightness and beauty

    Keep the heat inside:

    If you want to know the true energy performance of a garage door, can you imagine a better test than the door playing the buffer between fire and ice? Check this test out… and the truth will be revealed. Watch the video on how Garaga Garage Doors keep the heat inside


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