What should I buy: an insulated or non-insulated garage door?

This is one of the questions asked most often by homeowners when they’ve made up their mind to buy a new garage door.

To assist you in answering it, here are some of the factors to consider that will guide you in the purchasing process.


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2 garage doors, single garage
ACADIA 138 garage door, R-12
2 single garage doors, for 2 cars
STANDARD+ garage door, R-16

What do you use your garage for?

  1. Attached to, or separate from the house?
    • If your garage is insulated and attached to the house, it is preferable to have an insulated door with an R-value (thermal resistance value) of at least R‑12.
  2. Is your garage insulated or not?
    • If it’s insulated, choose a door with at least an R‑12 thermal resistance. If it isn’t, a slightly insulated door (ex.: R‑6) can suffice.
  3. Parking your car (in winter) or as a storage space?
    • If you are looking for a minimum level of comfort, request a door insulated at an R‑12 level or more.
  4. Is it an extension of your house (workroom, gym, playroom)?
    • The more your garage is used for family activities, the better insulated your garage door should be. Get a door with at least an R‑16 level.

What types of insulation are available?

Basically, there are two types of plastic-based insulation.

  1. Polyurethane:
    • provides the best thermal resistance per inch of thickness, twice that of polystyrene;
    • in addition, because it adheres to the walls of the door, it adds strength and sturdiness to its structure. Based on bending resistance tests, it is two times better than polystyrene;
    • as a reference, polyurethane is the insulation injected into house entry doors.
  2. Polystyrene:
    • in a 3 layer type door, the insulation is slipped between the two steel walls of sandwich-type doors;
    • in a 2 layer type door, the insulation is placed on the interior side of the door;
    • as a reference, polystyrene is used to make disposable coffee cups and protective packaging material.

Is door thickness important?

  • Yes… Steel doors can be found on the market with thicknesses between 1 and 2 inches. The most popular are 1 3⁄8" and 1 ¾".
  • If you decide on a door insulated with polyurethane foam, the thicker the door, the higher the level of thermal resistance.

Are there other factors to take a close look at?

  • Yes, the weathertightness of your door system. Even if you have the best insulated door on the market, if your weatherproofing system isn’t effective, you haven’t gained much.
  • Look closely at the intersection of the joints between the sections. How is it made? Is there a real thermal break?
  • The ends of sections: are they made with steel caps that transfer cold to the interior of the garage?
  • The bottom weather stripping: will it stay flexible even on the coldest days?
  • Exterior frame weatherstripping: does it have a double lip to stop cold air from entering the garage?
Double garage door for 2 cars
STANDARD+ garage door, R-16
For double garages with 2 cars
TRIFORCE garage door, R-10

In conclusion, what are the key points?

What you want the most is to know how to reduce your energy bills. Thus,

  • if your garage is insulated and you use your garage for family activities rather than just parking your car, get a door with the best thermal resistance value;
  • if your garage is located in your backyard and more or less insulated, however you use it as a workshop, ask for a 2 or 3 layers insulated door, with an R‑value around R‑10;
  • if your garage isn’t insulated and you use is only for parking vehicles, you can opt for a low insulated or non-insulated door.

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