Decorative Hardware – COTTAGE: is it suitable for my current garage door?

Are you interested in giving a look of elegance and tradition to your garage door? We carry classic decorative hardware reminiscent of swing garage doors of the 1950s. Coordinate the style of your garage door with the architecture of the rest of your house.

North Hatley LP, 9' x 8', Moka Brown, with Decorative Hardware Cottage

Need help?

To make sure you are using the right parts on your garage door, we recommend you contact us to evaluate your current setup. We can also provide you with a free written quotation.

What size are the hinges and handles?

This decorative kit contains:

  • 2 plates (12 ¾" long, 2" wide)
  • 2 fixed handles (4 5⁄8" wide)
  • Colour: Black only
  • As an option, the Cottage model can be equipped with a cable lock system (with a key) and installed with 4 Standard model horizontal hinges

Everything is screwed onto the door. The kit can be easily installed on an existing door.

Decorative Hardware, Cottage Model
Decorative Hardware, Cottage model

Can I install them myself?

Yes. You can install these decorative hardware items. It would be our pleasure to provide you with the installation instructions. We can also do it for you. Contact us or go to our Design Centre and create your own garage door.

Standard+ Shaker-Flat XS door with Cottage deco hardware
Standard+ Shaker-Flat XS door, Weathered Grey Faux Wood with Cottage deco hardware
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