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1. Made in Ontario

GARAGA doors are manufactured here in Barrie, Ontario, and built to withstand the harsh Canadian weather in the Richmond Hill area. The company makes sure theirdoors are suitable for a variety of applications, such as any size of garage, mini-warehouse, shed, barn or boathouse, and that they are resistant and long-lasting.

The level of insulation you need depends in part on the position of your garage in relation to your house; if your garage is located right underneath a bedroom, a higher R-value is recommended in order to keep your house warm. On the other hand, if your garage is detached from your house, or if you want a garage door for a shed or boathouse, a lower insulation level may suit your needs just fine.

The way you want to use your garage also influences the level of insulation to choose. If you desire to use your garage as a workshop or recreational area, you may want an insulated door to keep you comfortable, and avoid as much heat transfer as possible. Many customers also opt for an insulated door for the simple pleasure of getting into a warm car or truck on cold winter mornings!

2. LiftMaster® Is The Number One Garage Door Opener

We recommend LiftMaster because of the reliability and high quality of their products. The company has been in business for a long time, and their expertise in the industry is truly reflected in their garage door openers. They work well with all types of doors (wooden or metal), and rarely require repair or maintenance. LiftMaster also provides a variety of accessories to facilitate the use of your garage door such as wireless keypads and mini remote controls for your car.

3. Repair & Maintenance You Can Depend On

If you are having issues with a residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural application, our team of technicians in the Richmond Hill area will be glad to assist you. We can help with any part of your garage door system. Our service team is knowledgeable in many brands of garage doors, door openers, hardware systems and replacement parts. We also recommend that you call us to set up a preventive maintenance program in order to keep your garage door running flawlessly for years to come, and to assure you peace of mind!