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There's no better way to understand the quality of our products than to watch them being tested against others in a lab. Watch one of four videos.


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1. Best Quality

By choosing a Garaga product, you are choosing the best quality garage door in the industry! The high-pressure injected polyurethane used for insulation provides a thermal wall that doesn’t allow cold air into your garage in winter. Also, it keeps your garage cool in summer.

Garaga’s insulation is preferred by many experts because of its high density, which ensures a high resistance to compression, and so, panels have outstanding strength and resistance. This way, your garage door injected with polyurethane is twice as resistant as a styrene-insulated panel.

Moreover, the high quality insulation creates a garage door that is sturdy and resistant, and will be able to withstand the weather conditions in Newmarket. Garaga conducted multiple tests in order to build their garage doors to the highest standard in the industry. Garaga makes sure that their doors:

  • Keep the heat inside in winter, keep your garage cool in summer
  • Ensure a high thermal resistance rating
  • Do not lose their brightness
  • And bond with the metal skin to create a sturdy composite.

Take a look at some of the lab videos done in order to compare Garaga technology to other door manufacturers, and see, for yourself, the superiority of Garaga garage doors.

2. Garage Door Openers by LiftMaster®

LiftMaster is our brand of choice because of the reliability, durability, and quality components of their openers. With LiftMaster, our repair team rarely has to go back to fix an operator. There are no surprises, and we can rely on their technology to work well for a long time. Moreover, this brand is renowned for their security and ease of use. Only top quality components are used to build their garage door openers, plus multiple accessories such as exterior keypads and smart phone remote control applications are available to facilitate the use of your garage door.

3. Garage Door Repair & Maintenance

Our teams of technicians in the Newmarket area will be pleased to assist you with any repair or maintenance you may need to your garage door! Call one of our garage door specialists to arrange a service call, or visit us online to schedule your repair. We can also assist you with setting up a preventive maintenance program, which is recommended in order to avoid any surprises. Whether you need help with your garage door, garage door opener, or want any information on the recommended maintenance for your overhead door system, we can help!