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Garaga Experts - Network of Certified Specialists

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1. Made in Canada

Garaga doors are built in Barrie, Ontario and are constructed to stand up to the harsh weather in London. The company makes sure that its doors are suitable for various uses, including non-standard size garage doors, garage doors for sheds, barns and boathouses, and that their doors are able to withstand the elements in the north.

The level of insulation you need depends in part on the position of your garage in relation to your house. If your garage is located directly under a bedroom, a higher R-value of insulation is recommended to keep your house warm. On the other hand, if your garage is detached, or if you want a garage door for your shed or outbuilding, a lower insulation value can do the job very well.

The way you want to use your garage also influences the level of insulation to choose. If you plan on using your garage as a workshop or recreational area, you should probably select an insulated door so that you are more comfortable and to stop heat from escaping. Many customers also choose an insulated garage door simply for the pleasure of getting in a warm vehicle on cold winter mornings!

2. LiftMaster® garage door openers

LiftMaster is our brand of choice when it comes to openers based on the reliability and long life of their products. With LiftMaster, we rarely have to return to our customers’ homes to repair their openers; there are no surprises, and we can count on their advanced technology for long-lasting door openers. Moreover, this brand is known for its safety and ease of use. Only the highest quality components go into building their door openers, and many accessories such as keypads and a remote controller app for the iPhone are available to help you use your garage door.

3. Repair and maintenance

Our team of experts in the London region will be pleased to assist you with any repairs or maintenance that your garage door may need! Call one of our dealers to plan a service call, or visit our website to schedule your repair call. We can also help you set up a preventive maintenance program, highly recommended to avoid unpleasant surprises. Whether you need help with your garage door, door opener, or simply because you would like recommendations on the maintenance of your garage door system, we can assist you!