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Our quality is designed for Calgary, AB

Calgary, AB averages -6 degrees Celsius in winter. You need a well-insulated garage door to keep the heat inside and the cold out. There's no better way to understand the quality of our products than to watch them being tested against others in a lab.

Repair or maintenance of any brands

Repair or maintenance of any brands

Get more than just R value. Get a garage door with both thermal breaks and weather stripping to prevent the cold from entering your garage.

Many certified installers serving Calgary

Many certified installers serving Calgary

Your door is only as good as its installation. That’s why GARAGA offers its customers a network of certified installers. In Calgary, AB you can benefit from over 45 years of experience!

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Our dealers in Calgary & surrounding areas

Glenmore Door Services LTD

7139 40th Street SE, #5
Calgary, AB, Canada, T2C 2H7
Read more on Glenmore Door Services LTD

The Garage Door Depot

6161 6th Street SE,
Calgary, AB, Canada, T2H 1L9
The Garage Door Depot

Areas Served

Airdrie, Brooks, Calgary, High River, Lethbridge, Medecine Hat, Strathmore

Cambridge garage door, Eastman garage door and California garage door by GARAGA

Calgary's #1 option for garage doors is Garaga

Garage door saled, maintenance and installation network for residents of Calgary, AB

When choosing a new garage door, selecting the correct model from the vast array of options is an essential part of getting the best return on your investment. A garage door is much more than just a door; it contributes greatly to the appearance of a property, giving it both a distinct look and increasing its market value. To make the most of this important purchase, we recommend working with a company that specializes in this field.

Our GARAGA garage door experts in Calgary, AB are here to give you important advice regarding your choice of garage door, taking into account the weather conditions and building requirements of your area. With this knowledge, they can help you choose the best garage door for your home and neighbourhood, integrated perfectly into the structure of your house as well as the style of its surroundings.

The following are important aspects to consider when choosing your next garage door:

- Models: to go along with the architectural style of your home

- Colours: choose from a wide selection to complement the other colours of your home

- Finishes: customize your door by adding unique finishes and textures

- Windows: illuminate your garage with natural light while giving it a sophisticated look

- Decorative hardware: give your door an antique or rustic appeal

- Insulation level: reduce your heating bills by increasing insulation

- Add optional accessories to further customize your garage door and opener: exterior keypad, MyQ system, emergency battery and more!


Why LiftMaster is the number one choice for garage door openers in Calgary, AB

LiftMaster garage door openers are recommended by garage door experts in Calgary, AB for multiple reasons, most importantly the quality of their components, their reliability and their lifespan. Since the very beginning, they have impressed the experts by providing garage door openers which have always been incredibly dependable, no exceptions. LiftMaster, a brand produced by the Chamberlain Group, focuses on innovative and performance-oriented products which meet the ever-changing requirements of today's industry.

LiftMaster products continue to be a preference for both specialists and owners alike because of the high degree of safety they offer. To accomplish this, they use an infrared system which senses objects or people when the door is in motion.

In addition, these door openers are both easy to use and multi-use. You can install them on any garage door model, choosing the opener that meets your specific needs. For example, if your garage is attached to your house, then it is best to choose a quiet model to avoid waking up family members or neighbours in the early morning.

Quality of service guaranteed by our garage door experts

Our experts in Calgary, AB have the knowledge and experience required to correctly install your garage door. They can give you the guarantee of an efficient, long-lasting and safe garage door system. They will double-check the weatherproofness of your door and ensure that it is perfectly balanced. This way, you eliminate the risk of damaging your door due to improper installation, and you are ensured a garage door that opens and closes smoothly at the press of a button.

Whether you have a residential or commercial garage door, our experts know its installation, repair and maintenance through and through. To save time, money and hassles in the future, take advantage of our annual tune-up program. Our team will inspect your door and carry out preventative maintenance on it, so that you can have peace of mind, knowing that your door will be reliable and safe.

Driving Directions

Glenmore Door Services LTD

From Calgary, AB to Calgary, AB

Pointer Map-A Calgary, AB
Drive 11.9 km, 14 min
Take 5 Ave SW, Memorial Dr, Deerfoot Trail/AB‑2 S and Barlow Trail SE S to 40 St SE 11.1 km / 13 min
1. Head east on 5 Ave SW toward 3 St SW S/Barclay St SW S 1.1 km
2. Continue straight onto 5 Ave SE N 400 m
3. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Memorial Dr 2.3 km
4. Use the right lane to take the ramp onto Deerfoot Trail/AB‑2 S 3.4 km
5. Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 251 for Barlow Trail S toward Peigan Trail E 1 km
6. Continue onto Barlow Trail SE S 2.4 km
7. Turn left onto 61 Ave SE 550 m
Turn right onto 40 St SE
Destination will be on the right
800 m / 1 min
Pointer Map-B 7139 40th Street SE, #5, Calgary, AB T2C 2H7

The Garage Door Depot

From Calgary, AB to Calgary, AB

Pointer Map-A Calgary, AB
Drive 7.7 km, 14 min
Take 1 St SE S and Macleod Trail SE and Blackfoot Trail SE S to 4 St SE 7 km / 12 min
1. Head east on 9 Ave SW toward 3 St SW S/Barclay St SW S 800 m
2. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto 1 St SE S 1.1 km
3. Continue onto Macleod Trail SE 2.1 km
4. Turn left onto 42 Ave SW 750 m
5. Turn right onto 4 St SE / Manhattan Rd SE
Continue to follow Manhattan Rd SE
750 m
6. Turn right onto Blackfoot Trail SE S 41 km
7. Turn right onto 58 Ave SE 400 m
Continue on 4 St SE. Drive to 6 St SE 700 m / 2 min
8. Turn left at the 2nd cross street onto 5 St SE 500 m
9. Turn left onto 4 St SE 550 m
10. 4 St SE turns left and becomes 62 Ave SE 90 m
11. 62 Ave SE turns left and becomes 6 St SE
- Destination will be on the left
55 m
Pointer Map-B 6161 6th Street SE, Calgary, AB T2H 1L9