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Barrie Plant

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1. Manufactured in Barrie

Garaga garage doors are the best choice when it comes to quality and insulation. They are manufactured in Barrie, Ontario, and are specially designed to withstand the area’s harsh weather conditions. Garaga has customized its product development to meet different market needs, such as over-sized doors that require precise specifications: farm buildings, storage warehouses, garage doors for particular applications, etc.

Insulation :

The first thing to consider in determining the best level of insulation required for a garage door is its location in relation to your home. For example, when an attached garage is under a bedroom, we recommend a high R-value, such as R-16, to keep the bedroom temperature comfortable. On the other hand, a lower R-value of insulation, such as R-6, is suitable for a detached garage, storage shed or mini-warehouse.

The second thing to carefully think about is how you use your garage. Have you converted it in to a workshop for your small projects or an area for recreational activities? Stay comfortable in cold weather by opting for a well-insulated and draft-free door. Some homeowners even choose a well-insulated door simply for the comfort of getting in to a warm vehicle on cold winter mornings!

2. LiftMaster® is the number one electric garage door opener!

LiftMaster is our preferred brand because of its reliability and the superior quality of its products. With years of experience, this company has earned an excellent reputation for expertise in this area. Their garage openers work with all types of garage doors and rarely require maintenance or repair services. LiftMaster also offers a selection of accessories that allow you to manage your garage door with remote monitoring devices or remote control key rings for your vehicle.

3. Reliable Repair and Maintenance

Our Barrie team of garage door maintenance experts welcomes the opportunity to help you, whether your project be residential, commercial or agricultural. Our employees specialize in the installation of garage doors and door opener systems.

For your peace of mind, call us to plan a preventative maintenance program. This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and ensure your garage door works smoothly for years to come.