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Eastman E-13 garage door


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Garaga Experts - Network of Certified Specialists

Your door is only as good as its install. That why Garaga offers its customer a network of certified installer. Call us today at 1 (800) 464‑2724 to get in touch with our Experts!


1. Best Design

Garaga has designed its garage doors to reflect the architectural style of your home and they are keeping up with the latest trends in the Aurora home building market. We offer a variety of styles to choose from. Whether it is the colonial look of the Acadia, the country charm of the Eastman, or the contemporary elegance of the California. You most definitely will find a door style adding curb appeal to your home. Furthermore, Garaga has a large selection of window designs, colour and embossed patterns. Their steel doors are available in many colours and multiple colour combinations are possible if you choose a door with overlays. You’ll find 3 more colour options in the aluminum door models. Panel motifs are numerous and will set your door apart from the neighbours:

  • The LP Panel Motif reflects carriage house
  • The MIX Panel Motif has a classic unique look
  • The SP Panel Motif is popular for traditional style
  • The Smooth Finish, definitely contemporary

Decorative windows for your door come in different sizes, glass textures and decorative plastic inserts to match your home’s style. For ideas visit our virtual Design Centre and see which style of garage door would be appealing to your house!

2. LiftMaster® Is Our Choice For Automatic Door Openers

When looking for a garage door operator, we always recommend LiftMaster for the wide selection of models they offer, as well as the safety and reliability they stand by. LiftMaster residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural openers are manufactured for doors of different height and weight. Perfect for any project, their different models will adapt to your application; for example a belt drive model is ideal when quiet operation is a must, especially for living space above or adjacent to the garage. LiftMaster is our choice by far when it comes to safe, secure and reliable garage door openers.

3. A Reliable Maintenance and Repair Team

For all your garage door repair needs or maintenance, you can count on our team of highly trained technicians in the Aurora area. Contact us by phone or email to book a service call and let us take care of your problem in a professional and cost effective manner. To prevent downtime or headaches, we like to recommend a preventive maintenance program. An annual inspection of all moving parts of your door system, done by one of our professionals, that will prevent costly breakdowns and give you worry-free operation of your garage door and opener!