This summer, turn your garage into a prime location for fun and relaxation!

Your garage is normally used for protecting your car in the winter and storing tools and some belongings. But why not put this room of your home to a better use this summer? After all, there are numerous ways to enjoy this space that stays cool during the hottest days, if it is well insulated.

Turn your garage into a prime location for fun and relaxation!

A multitude of possible uses

As a rule, garages are the last room we make improvements to or decorate. Yet, it’s a large space that is just asking to be used for relaxing this summer. Here are some ideas:

Set up the space as a patio

For a change from your backyard, make your garage the place for a family reunion or a party with neighbors or friends. With the garage door open, you can still have a cool area that is protected in case of rain. Add a few lawn chairs, cold drinks or even some wine and cheese and you’ll have just the place to relax while watching the kids play in the driveway or yard. Why not some of your favorite tunes to make it a sure success.

Create your own personal dance or yoga studio

By giving your garage a good cleaning and installing your yoga accessories and some soothing music, you’ll get a quiet spot to relax, meditate and even dance. It’s the largest, most open room in the home, so why not take advantage of it? If exercise is more your thing, add an elliptical or weightlifting machine.

A den for teen parties

Teenagers love to hang out with friends, but often in parks or places unfamiliar to you. As a parent, you know that it’s better to have them at home to be surer of their safety. So why not let them throw their parties in your garage? They can have fun listening to their music and you’ll know they won’t be driving. You just need an old sofa, a couple chairs, a coffee table and a floor lamp. They can leave the garage door open if they want to skateboard or play a little basketball (if you have a backboard placed over the garage door).

Throw kids’ birthday parties in the garage

if inclement weather won’t allow playing in the backyard or eating on the patio, then use the garage! Set up a few tables, put up fun decorations and get some indoor games going. Some festive music, sandwiches, gifts and a cake are all you need to make this a hit.

Check the condition of your garage door

If your garage door hasn’t been inspected in a long time, or if it showing signs of wear, contact a specialist in garage door repair from your area. Probably you’ll just need a simple tune‑up.

If your garage door should be changed, you can request a free quotation on our website. Our Design Centre is also available to assist you in finding the perfect garage door for your home.

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