Receive a package even when you’re not home… now it’s possible!

Receive a package even when you’re not home… now it’s possible!

In recent years, online purchases have been ever‑increasing in popularity. Shopping from the comfort of one’s home, at any time of the day, and having access to everything anywhere in the world are among the advantages to shopping online.

When purchasing online, we seldom choose the time at which our package will be delivered. Happily, there is now a means of ensuring that our shipment will be left in a safe location even when no one is at home to receive it. In fact, LiftMaster technology now provides you with the ability to open and reclose your garage door remotely when you are absent.

On top of all the reasons your smartphone is useful, it can now help you by opening and closing your garage door remotely. Just installing the MyQ app on your cellphone will provide the ability to open the door for a delivery person the next time you are away from home.

Simply let the delivery person know to contact you on your cell when they arrive at your house. Then, you can open the garage door so that any packages can be left safely inside. Once they’ve gone, you can then reclose the door thanks to your MyQ app. This means that LiftMaster technology lets you safely receive items you have ordered without worrying that they’ve been left unprotected, in plain view on your doorstep. As well, no longer will it be necessary to pick up orders at the post office or another drop‑off point. Here is a great way to make your life easier whether you’re at work, out to eat, or even on vacation, miles from home.

Adding on a Nest Cam security camera will give you the ability to keep an eye on where any packages have been left and ensure that they are all there. With the speakers, you can even tell the delivery person where you want your parcels placed and ask to confirm that the order is complete. A great innovation that will save you time!

This technology is also invaluable for those who are self‑employed with a home‑based business. As working from home doesn’t necessarily mean home at all times, the MyQ app allows you to give access to your garage to the delivery company responsible for bringing your shipments. Thus, you won’t be slowed down while working yet get the important items you want promptly and safely.

Are you a fan of modern technology? Are you often away from home for business or pleasure? Then you’ll be happy to learn that until June 26, 2019, we at Garaga are inviting you to enter our "Win a Smart GARAGA" contest that gives you a chance of winning a brand new Garaga garage door along with a Nest Cam Indoor security camera and several other LiftMaster accessories. Visit our website to enter. Good luck!

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