Proper protection for your garage floor in winter


Make no mistake; the types of winters we’ve experienced recently are more than hard on garage floor surfaces. Fortunately, there are solutions available to you because some materials are more resistant to the cold and so are less likely to be damaged during the winter.

You can go a long way in protecting your garage floor when you choose the right type of covering. To be able to give you great tips on what to do and choose, we contacted the experts at BÉTON SURFACE.

They are happy to share what they know about garage floor surfaces, especially if you park your car in the garage during the winter. With this knowledge, you will be able to make an enlightened decision when choosing your next garage floor covering.

How does winter harm garage floor surfaces?

Dampness and humidity are the worst enemies of floor surfaces. That’s why choosing a covering that is effective both in the winter and the summer is imperative. The water, snow, ice and mud that lodge in the wheel wells and on the underside of your car, not to mention come off your boots, are harmful to a floor. On top of that, add the frequent freeze and thaw cycles and you get a muchly increased risk of water penetrating the floor. This means you should choose the most watertight covering possible.

As well, you should be aware that a suitable garage floor covering is an added insulator against cold air. By properly protecting your garage, even the floor, you reduce energy costs. Don’t overlook the fact that the cold can even crack a concrete floor when it isn’t protected by an adequate floor covering.

Protect your garage floor by selecting a covering that can stand up to our changeable winter weather. So that the flooring provides the level of resistance you desire, Béton Surface also recommends that you have this work carried out by a specialist that has the technical expertise and the construction licenses required to operate in your area. By doing this, you will avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The most winter-resistant material

To avoid problems this winter, protect your garage by installing an effective floor covering. Here is the number one choice and what the experts at Béton Surface suggest:

  • Polyurea with flakes:

    This garage floor covering material has become increasingly popular with homeowners in recent years, and rightly so! Polyurea is not epoxy but is just as durable and resistant. Its one‑of‑a‑kind appearance is ideal for maintaining the classic look of your garage, while protecting it from harsh winters. With remarkable weatherproofing attributes, you won’t have to worry about snow, rain or water penetration. To protect your garage, go with polyurea - a top‑quality material!

Poluyrea with flakes

To complement that new floor…

Why not think about changing your garage door or at least give yours a proper tune‑up? Then contact a GARAGA dealer in your area. They can quickly send you a quotation by email.

You can also go and meet them at their showroom. If you’d like to get a more accurate idea of what a new garage door will look like on your current home, use Garaga’s Design Centre, right from the comfort of your home, to choose the most suitable door style. Need some inspiration? Then take a look at their image gallery.

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