Not too proud of your parking skills? Here is the assistant you’ve been waiting for!

Not too proud of your parking skills?

Are you, like many of us, someone who likes to leave their car in the garage where it is warm and safe from inclement weather, both winter and summer? It is certainly a good habit to adopt that takes care of your car as well helps avoid premature wear on the vehicle. Subfreezing temperatures and harsh direct sunlight can really take a toll on our automobiles. It’s better to protect against these eventualities, as much as possible, and park them inside a garage.

However, a garage often becomes the area of our house where we store a great deal of things. Sports equipment, materials, tools, gardening and pool maintenance products all end up piled more or less orderly in every available space in the garage. In other cases, the garage can be set up for another purpose, such as a workshop or even a home gym.

Whatever its use, plan on leaving a large enough space to park a car throughout the year. But with all the items that can end up stored in the garage, the view of the driver may be obstructed. That is why LiftMaster offers a laser-assisted parking system.

Easy to install, the system takes only a few minutes to program and it is powered by the garage door opener. As soon as the opening mechanism begins operation, the laser beam is activated. The beam follows the hood of the car. When it reaches the point that was predetermined as the correct location, you stop the car. The system retains the exact spot where the car should come to rest.

In addition to giving you assistance in parking your car in the garage, the LiftMaster Laser Garage Parking Assist is not dangerous on the eyes. It uses a class 2 laser beam which is strong enough to be clearly seen by the driver without harming your vision.

Thus this parking assistant allows you to efficiently park your car with damaging it or other objects located in the garage. As well, it is automatically activated when the door is opened, so you don’t have to worry about it. A very effective tool dedicated to simplifying your life. It is ideal for 2‑car garages, but can also be used in a single-car garage. You will quickly become a fan of this small technological advancement and how easy it makes a once-tedious task.

How would you like to get the latest LiftMaster products, like the laser parking assist? You will be happy to learn that until June 26, 2019, Garage is inviting you to enter their “Win a Smart GARAGA” contest which gives you a chance of winning an all-new Garaga garage door along with a Nest Cam security camera for indoor use and several LiftMaster accessories. Click here to enter. Good luck!

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