June 25, 2015

How to stop thiefs from Opening My Garage Door in 6 Seconds?

My garage door can be opened in 6 seconds with a coat hanger … really?

YES…unfortunately! To convince you, watch this video that explains how this can be done when no one is home or no one is checking your surroundings.

How to stop thiefs from Opening My Garage Door in 6 Seconds

How can he do that?

If you have windows on your garage door, more precisely if you have them on the top row of the sections, it’s easy for a thief to unfold the pin of a hanger to pass under the outer weatherstripping installed at the end of your door and to trigger the carriage of your opener. Through the windows, he can see where the trigger to your door opener is, and, therefore, can deactivate it. He will then be able to open your garage door with ease and could steal your valuables in less than 5 minutes!

How to protect yourself:

  • You can hide your windows with a curtain or mirror type of paper. This makes it harder for a thief to find the trigger.
  • You can also place a Ty -Rap Cable Tie to prevent the slide to activate the emergency trigger for the opener. However, you must remember that every time you need to use the emergency cord, you will have to cut the plastic strap.
  • You can install the Garage Defender Shield which prevents triggering the system and allows you to operate the emergency cord at all times.

Other security measures to consider:

  • If you can, install a locking system to lock the access door to your house.
  • Take note of the serial numbers of important goods that you keep in your garage, or, keep a picture of these important assets.
  • If you leave the house for a long time, you could install a side-bar lock system that securely locks your garage door.
  • Finally, you can unplug your opener’s power cord from its socket. You are then certain that nobody can operate your opener. However, when you return, you will have to reprogram your Remote Transmitter. It only takes a few minutes to do.

Trust a garage door specialist

At any time, if you are not sure your garage door opener is perfectly safe, contact a garage door specialist now. He will guide you and help you make the best decision to take to ensure peace of mind at all times.

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