Find just your style at Garaga!

Your next garage door is waiting for you at Garaga. Our extensive range of products ensures you’ll find the door that fits you to a T. Today’s garages are more than just utilitarian; they’ve become an integral part of your home’s architecture that can beautifully enhance its overall prestige and character.

Eastman E-21, 9' x 8', Moka Brown doors and Ice White overlays, Panoramic 8 lite windows

Why change your garage door?

Here are some of the most popular reasons, with one or more surely matching your own situation. Use these as a guide toward the ideal door to satisfy you:

  • You want to renovate so that your garage door coordinates with your home’s architecture.
  • You want to increase the perceived value of your residence, and possibly, put it up for sale.
  • You need to insulate your garage which implies doing the same for your garage door, both with the goal of reducing heating costs.
  • The upkeep of your current door, such as painting, has become too demanding.

Whatever reason you have for being tired of your current garage door, the wide selection of stunning door styles, colours and accessories from Garaga, can easily respond with a model that checks all your boxes

How would you describe your house… more traditional, carriage house or contemporary?

Your home’s architecture reflects your lifestyle, your values and your aesthetic sensibilities. At Garaga, we have taken this to heart and that’s why we offer you three door style families to blend with your surroundings. Just click on the following styles to discover what each of them has to offer:

Depending on your architectural style, Garaga has developed garage door designs to fit each of these looks. Numerous possibilities are available using embossed or raised stamping methods, different configurations, as well as a broad selection of windows and colours to coordinate with whatever style of home you have.

How do you choose your style and coordinate everything?

Choosing a garage door that coordinates with your home is not all that tough! Trust your intuition and keep in mind these simple tips:

Traditional style: select a garage door that integrates with the exterior of your house, echoing its lines and architectural details, so that it appears it was all conceived by the same designer.

Contemporary or modern style: use a door design that displays simple line, likes the Moderno Multi, the Flush model or even the model with horizontal grooves.

Carriage house or rustic style: concentrate on models with decorative PVC overlays, such as the Princeton, the Eastman or the Cambridge.

Coordinate the style of your home with your garage door

As for deciding on the colour, the general rule of thumb it that the garage door should integrate into and blend with the architectural style of your house. Also keep in mind these guidelines:

  • Coordinate the colour of your door with that of your window frames instead of your front door. Frequently, it is suggested to put a bright and inviting colour on the front door.
  • Its colour should also go with the colour of your home’s exterior surface, whether that is brick, vinyl siding, stone or wood panels.
  • If you have a double door, usually around 16 ft. wide (4.9 meters), go with a lighter colour as it makes the door seem smaller and less imposing. However, for a single door, say 9 ft. (2.7 m), a dark colour can be appropriate.
  • Look around your neighborhood for the palette of colours that are employed, not to match another home exactly, but to stay in the same vein, especially if your style is similar to others.

As well, keep in mind the height of your garage door. Higher ones, like 8‑ft (2.4 m) doors, are increasingly popular, with that also reflected in higher ceilings in garages.

Coordinate the colour of your home with your garage doorCoordinate the lines your home with your garage door

Garaga’s Design Centre: seeing is believing!

Discover the door that perfectly suits your house by using a simple and free service like Garaga’s Design Centre. Experiment with different styles, colours and layouts, including a stunning variety of windows and hardware accents. Then upload a photo of your real house and “try on” the door(s) you have created. See which one really captures your style and taste. You don’t have to imagine what it could look like – you’ll see it with your own eyes! It’s easy, fun, but especially inspiring.

At Garaga, quality goes hand‑in‑hand with good looks. Every last detail has been thought out in order to provide you with a refined appearance composed of modern components and exceptional performance.

Laptop with Design Centre webpage

For even more information…

A garage door specialist in your area can be contacted at your convenience. They know garage door systems better than anyone else. They will advise you and explain the best choice to make to go with your style of house. They can also provide you with a no‑obligation quotation by email.

Another option is to go and meet them at their showroom. Prefer to stay home? Then use a Design Centre like the one from Garaga to select the door style that best suits you. Lacking inspiration? Then take a look at their image gallery for lots of ideas.

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