October 30, 2015

Dealing with Mould in Your Garage? Keep Calm and Read On

Mould is the last thing you want to see in your garage. You may not spend a lot of time in your garage, but you certainly don’t want to be fighting a fungus infestation.

Here are some simple tips for garage organization and keeping your garage mould-free.

Dealing with Mould in Your Garage

Keep It Dry

Moisture in your garage’s air is your worst enemy when it comes to mould. You don’t want any type of moisture in your garage or mould will make its presence felt. Some good tips for keeping your garage bone-dry include:

  • Proper insulation
  • Ventilation
  • A dehumidifier

If you are following these steps and you’re still finding mould inside of your garage, then you may have a more serious problem. You may just not be finding all the areas in your garage that have mould, so you might just have to get into the crawl space or on the roof to see what’s really going on.

Keep It Light

Another great enemy of mould is sunlight. Of course, we can’t all just leave our garage doors open during the best hours of the daytime. At the same time, opening your garage door for a couple of hours each day won’t directly combat a mould problem.

Update Garage Materials

Is your garage made of mould-inducing or mould-rejecting materials? That is probably the first thing that you want to discover. Metal or aluminum

However, if you have a garage made from wood or even just wood studs, that could be an issue. You won’t necessarily be in a position to tear down your garage if it is made of material that attracts mould, but at least you’ll know why mould might be present, and how you can treat it.

Stay Vigilant

While combatting mould can be stressful and time-consuming, you must remain vigilant. You could be the best homeowner in the world but if you don’t focus on removing the mould or other infestations growing in your garage, then you are just asking for trouble. Keeping a constant presence on your grounds and doing a regular sweep of the trouble spots can really help keep your garage in tip-top shape by keeping the mould at bay.

Your garage organization doesn’t need to be too intricate. But it does help to remember these tips:

  • Ventilate
  • Dehumidify
  • Keep water out
  • Keep sunlight in

…and remember that mould doesn’t grow as well in aluminum or metal constructions and you should be okay.

Bonus Tip: Your Garage Door Can Help Protect from Mould

Want to keep sunlight in and moisture out of your garage? One of the most important solutions is having the right door, insulated and with windows. At Garaga, we have a variety of residential models you can browse, or you can design your own online, and take the next step towards protecting your stored items, and your family, from mould.

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