October 22, 2018

Contemporary inspired styles from Garaga

Contemporary and modern style architectures are growing in popularity, in particular for today’s homes. These styles are distinguished by the use of white or cream contrasting with dark earthy colors and black, with the varied shades blending through their firm roots in nature. Dominated by straight lines, both prefer traditional materials like glass, wood, brick, and metals. These types of homes are typically innovative and forward-looking, standing out in their environment. Lastly, pure, simple lines form geometrically balanced shapes complemented by large expanses of glass windows linking the interior to the out of doors.

Standard+ Flush, 14' x 8', Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony Soft glass

What does Garaga suggest to complete your contemporary style?

Garaga proposes up to 7 different door model patterns that include 4 with sleek embossed lines in the metal, 1 with decorative overlays, another, the Flush design, with a smooth surface and lastly the fully‑glass sectioned California.

Model patterns embossed on the steel surface

Model pattern: Vog, 40” x 1 ¼” lines (Standard+)

Pattern Vog
Standard+ Vog, 8' x 7', Black, window layout: Left-side Harmony, Masterline glass

Model pattern: Moderno Multi, continuous 3⁄16” line, (Standard+ and Acadia 138)

Pattern Moderno Multi
Standard+ Moderno Multi, 8' x 7', Charcoal, Clear windows

Model pattern: Horizontal grooves, 1″ high (Standard+ and Acadia 138)

Pattern Moderno 2 beads
Standard+ Moderno 2 beads, 8' x 7', Black

Model pattern: Flush, no embossed pattern on the door (Standard+, Acadia 138 and Triforce)

Flush pattern
Standard+ Flush, 8' x 7', Moka Brown

The embossed model patterns that have the contemporary style come with:

Model patterns with decorative PVC overlays

Model pattern: the Cambridge (of the Townships Series) in its CL model

Cambridge overlays
Cambridge CL, 8' x 7', Chocolate Walnut door and overlays

The model pattern that has the contemporary style comes with: the Cambridge, in its CL model

The “all-glass” model pattern

Model patterns: the Zen model of the California door

California pattern
California Zen, 8' x 7', Black, Satin windows

Picture your next garage door by using Garaga’s Design Centre

The perfect situation would be to see your next garage door on your home before buying, You can do that with Garaga’s Design Centre to create the garage door that fits your house to a T. Upload a picture of your current house and then try out as many doors as you’ d like to. Dozens of combinations are possible. It’s simple to do and you can email to yourself a PDF version of the door you select for further consideration.

Ready to take action?

Then contact a local garage door specialist at your convenience. They know garage doors and door openers better than anyone. They will be able to wisely advise you and explain the best decision to make to meet your needs and your budget. As well, they can send you a quotation by email, with no obligation from you.

Another option is to visit them at their showroom. As mentioned before, a Design Centre like Garaga’s is indispensable in choosing the garage door style that suits you best. Visit their image gallery if you need some inspiration or would just like to see some stunning possibilities.


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