What Kind of Commercial Doors & Garage Door Openers Are Ideal for Car Dealerships? [Case Study]

These full-view garage doors are in the G-4400 design, 14' 0" X 12' 0 with an anodized aluminum frame.

This space is fantastic! Imagine how simple and effective moving cars in and out of the service station area of your auto dealership. These are all-glass G-4400 commercial garage doors.

What strategies can I use to make my car dealership more appealing to customers? How can I set myself apart from my competitors?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, this blog is for you! Yes, you can implement different marketing strategies and improve your selling skills, but what really counts is the first impression consumers have of your brand.

RelayCars’ blog claims that today’s consumers research potential purchases for vehicles online for 13 to 14 hours. Due to their better understanding of what they want, customers who are shopping these days only take the time to visit 1 or 2 car dealerships.

That means you must impress them at first sight! It demonstrates how crucial it is to make your business stand out, and once a person has formed an opinion about your brand, it is very challenging to change it.

Customers' perception when they visit an auto dealership can be a deal-breaker regarding their purchase decision! A professional image makes customers perceive your company as reliable, high-quality, and unique.

Salesperson displaying various cars to potential clients in a stunning and bright showroom.

A clean and bright showroom is always more inviting. Image from Freepik.

In this blog, we'll focus on the design of car dealerships, specifically commercial garage doors and garage door openers (known as operators in garage door terminology when used for commercial applications).

These full-view commercial garage doors are in the G-4400 construction, 14' X 12' with an customized color frame

In the service area of your car dealership, 2 high-speed overhead doors like our G-4400 can give you a clear view of both inside and outside the building and contribute to efficient service. Cars enter through the entrance door and when a car is ready to leave, it exits through the exit door. As simple as that!

Here you’ll find tips and recommendations on how to choose the perfect commercial garage doors and garage door openers for your auto dealership. You’ll have a more sustainable, functional, versatile, brighter, and welcoming space to display your cars and welcome potential customers.

All-Glass Full-View Garage Doors > Perfect to Showcase Cars Glamorously & Get Them Out of the Showroom Easily

This full-view commercial garage door is in the G-4400 construction, 14'X 8' with an customized color frame.

This all-glass G-4400 overhead door blends perfectly with the rest of the building. With our personalized garage door colors, you can color match a new overhead door with your doors, window frames or your building, just like here.

Our G-4400 garage doors will satisfy both your aesthetic and functionality needs. Discover all their features and benefits that will win you over.

Find out 3 facts about our commercial all-glass garage doors.

1. We have a large variety of standard and semi-custom garage door colors

An image of the garage door colors offered with our full-view G-4400 commercial garage door

If you need the same color for other purposes, you can find the corresponding color codes to those of GENTEK or ROYAL (suppliers of aluminium coil) here.

You have a particular garage door color in mind that is not offered in our standard and semi-custom colors? Talk to a Garaga Expert near you.

We offer the option to have customized garage door color, so you can match the color of the garage door to your building's exterior window frames and doors or stand out with a pop of color.

Good to know: The final colour may differ depending on the paint's sheen (flat, satin, semi-gloss, or gloss), the material of the garage door being painted (wood, steel, aluminium, fibreglass, etc.), or the application technique (spray, brush, etc.).

2. With 20 types of garage door glass, you can decide between complete transparency and a certain amount of privacy

Image of the 8 different type of glass offered with our G-4400 commercial doors. Clear, Satin, Graylight, Mirrorpane, Satin Grey, SuperGrey Tinted, Satin Black, and Fluted Polycarbonate Bronze.

Our G-4400 all-glass garage doors offer a wide choice of window glass (both tempered and non-tempered) that meet safety standards.

What is tempered glass?

Tempered glass is 5 times stronger and more break resistant than standard glass. And if it does break, it’s like when a car window is broken - many small, less dangerous pieces.

3. We provide warranties (limited) on our all-glass commercial doors

  • Standard garage door windows are covered for 10 years against seal defects
  • 10 years against any rust-related perforation of aluminium
  • 1 year on other garage door components

Commercial Sectional Overhead Steel Doors Insulated with Injected Polyurethane > Really Tough Cookies for Not So Much Dough

We strive to offer the best-insulated energy-saving garage doors available with high-performance garage door weatherstripping that prevents both heat and energy loss.

Learn 3 facts about these overhead garage doors

These sectional commercial garage doors are in the G-5000 construction

The high-pressure injected polyurethane foam used in these G-5000 commercial garage doors provides excellent insulation. You won't need to worry about your commercial building or cars being damaged by leaking water or chilly air.

1. Take a look at 5 standard and 4 premium colors offered with our G-5000, G-5138, and G-5200 overhead garage door models.

An image of the standard and premium garage door colors offered with G-5000 commercial garage doors.

GOOD TO KNOW: These commercial sectional doors also come with the custom color option.

2. We offer 3 insulation options for these commercial garage doors

  • G-5138 = R-12
  • G-5000 = R-16
  • G-5200 = R-18

The higher the R-value, the better the insulation

The R-value of a garage door may vary depending on your location, how you use your space, how well it is insulated, and other factors. In essence, it's a thermal resistance measurement that's used in the building and construction sector.

Get garage doors that are stronger and more energy-efficient when injected with high-pressure polyurethane foam.

One of the best insulating materials available is polyurethane because:

  • It can withstand rain and cold weather
  • It serves as both an air and vapour barrier
  • It increases the garage door section's resistance to flexion because it adheres to the walls of the door
  • It is 2x as effective as insulation made of polystyrene for equivalent thickness

An illustration that explains the difference between  Styrofoam and polyurethane-insulated garage doors

See the difference between a garage door that is insulated with polyurethane versus Styrofoam.

3. We also have warranties (limited) on our G-5000 commercial steel doors

  • 10 years against any perforation of steel due to rust
  • 10 years against cracking and rot of the wood end blocks
  • 10 years against delamination of the steel skin from the polyurethane foam
  • 1 year on other door components
  • 10 years against seal defects on Standard windows

This commercial overhead garage door is in the G-5000 construction, 7' X 8', and insulated with injected with high-pressure polyurethane foam.

This G-5000 garage door is, as you can see, smaller in size than the previous ones. It does, in fact, measure 7' x 8'. We provide custom garage doors based on your project and needs., whether you require a larger door to accommodate trucks or RVs or a really small door for deliveries.

High Lift and Vertical Lift > Car Dealers & Commercial Building Owners Most Beloved Types of Elevation

For added clearance, this sectional G-4400 all-glass commercial garage door has high-lift tracks.

This garage door has a high lift system that provides more headroom with garage door tracks that are closer to the ceiling. The garage door opens vertically all the way to the wall before rolling on the horizontal curve.

Even though you may have a garage door at your house, it is so much different when you purchase commercial and industrial garage doors. Find some examples below.

First, what type of lift and garage clearance are ideal for an industrial and commercial door?

There are 6 types of garage door lift:

Standard lift The most common type of lift, for headroom of at least 10 inches Illustration of Garage Door Standard lift
High-lift track Ideal for high ceilings and maximized overhead space, offers more clearance Illustration of Garage Door High lift
Full vertical model When the door opens vertically along the wall above it, which is frequently the case for commercial projects Illustration of Garage Door Full vertical lift
Inclined garage door tracks Must-have for cathedral or vaulted ceiling Illustration of Garage Door Inclined track
Front and rear low headroom Perfect when you have little room (less than 10 inches between the door and the ceiling) Illustration of Garage Door Low front headroom

High lift and vertical lift are the best lifts to use for industrial, commercial, and agricultural doors since they provide more clearance.

This commercial sectional garage door is in the G-5000 construction and has high lift. With tracks close to the ceiling like this one, there is a lot of overhead clearance

Look at how much overhead clearance this commercial garage door with high lift hardware has. This garage door is ideal for a variety of applications. It's also low-maintenance, quiet, and energy-efficient.

Choosing Heavy-duty Hardware Changes Everything for Commercial & Industrial Garage Doors

It's crucial to have the springs' length and thickness calculated by garage door experts.

Commercial doors are significantly heavier (because of their size) and open and close way more often than residential doors. The door opener provides the initial power, but the springs carry out the bulk of the work after that.

It is a matter of weight and physical transfer:

  • The longer the spring, the more open/close cycles it can do.


  • The shorter the spring, the stronger it is

A real garage door expert will find the perfect balance between these 2 facts to provide the right springs for the job.

3 types of commercial hardware

In order to provide better clearance and follow the ceiling, which is frequently high in commercial buildings, commercial doors frequently have "high lift" type hardware.

Hardware Light Duty
  • 14-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull rope
  • Single hinges
Heavy Duty
  • 13-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain
  • Single or double hinges
Super Heavy Duty
  • 12-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain or chain hoists
  • Single or double hinges
  • Reinforcement bars

Light Duty

  • 14-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull rope
  • Single hinges

Heavy Duty

  • 13-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain
  • Single or double hinges

Super Heavy Duty

  • 12-gauge steel tracks and mounting brackets*
  • Pull chain or chain hoists
  • Single or double hinges
  • Reinforcement bars

*The lower the gauge number, the thicker the steel

What about the commercial door itself?

  • Commercial hardware is larger and heavier due to the door's increased height and overhead clearance.
  • Commercial doors typically range in thickness from 1-3/8 to 2 inches and are insulated with polystyrene or polyurethane.
  • As opposed to residential doors, people are more concerned with the robustness and energy efficiency of commercial doors.
  • Unlike an uninsulated door, polyurethane offers greater resistance to bending due to its ability to adhere strongly to the door's walls.

Last but not least, don't overlook the hardware, which differs the most from residential!

The mechanism behind a commercial sectional door needs to be more efficient as it is used more frequently. The hardware supporting the door needs to be stronger and more solid to support the larger door.

The kind of tracks that is used makes this distinction clear.

  • The tracks on a residential door are made of thinner steel because they are less used.
  • The tracks and rollers for a commercial door will be 2 or 3 inches long, and the steel used will be thicker.

The spring system differs (counterbalancing).

Instead of choosing a system based on the size of the door, consider how many opening/closing cycles it will handle.

For instance, a commercial door that will be used 25 to 50 times a day will require a spring system that can withstand 25,000 to 100,000 opening and closing cycles.

The way the door moves presents another difference.

Most residential doors move with standard or reduced clearance.

For a commercial door, in addition to the standard movement, there is a movement with elevation or completely vertical depending on the height of the door and the total clearance above the door.

Other parts are also used for commercial doors, depending on how frequently they are used, but they frequently have to do with how much importance the building owner attaches to service interruptions of the doors and pricey repairs that could result in early deterioration of hardware parts.

Commercial Garage Door Openers > So Heavy-duty & Powerful You’ll Have to Call Them Mister Door Operators

This is LiftMaster's RBH operator, a jackshaft-type that is robust and powerful with a chain to open it manually.

Because it is mounted on the garage door's sidewall, this Jackshaft-type operator is ideal for high lift garage doors. It is our favorite because of its utility and power. There's also a chain on the side to manually open the garage door.

When it comes to door openers, cost can vary significantly from one quote to the next. Here are 3 things you should specify when asking for a price:

  • Voltage

    115, 220, 550 volts? We advise that the voltage be increased as the door is used more frequently. Choose 220 V over 115 V if you can.

  • Engine power

    ½, ¾ or 1 hp? The door opener only replaces human power, so ½ hp for small doors is sufficient, and ¾ hp for larger ones (ex.: 14' x 14').

  • Central or side opener

    Any movement that is raised or entirely vertical requires jackshaft type (sideways) door openers. If you decide on a Jackshaft, make sure it comes with a chain hoist.

Commercial door openers for commercial use in North America are powered by a 115-, 220-, or 575-Volt, while those for residential use are on 115-Volt.

The LiftMaster model RBH operator is the TOP jackshaft‑type garage door opener for commercial and industrial applications.

  • Very powerful as it can lift large-sized garage doors
  • Can perform a greater number of cycles (number of times a garage door opens and closes)
  • Optimal for use with larger sectional doors with vertical or high lift or with rolling doors and grilles

You’re wondering what RBH stands for?

H stands for chain hoist, and RB stands for roller bearing. LiftMaster’s RBH operator has heavy-duty roller bearings, which help to prolong the life of the drive system and guarantee a smooth mechanism.

The following drawing will make it easier for you to see the main components of a garage door opener and understand how it operates.

LiftMaster RBH Door Opener Features

Drawing of all the key components and parts of a commercial garage door opener. This is LiftMaster's RBH operator


When you ask the garage door to open or close, the clutch makes it slide a little to avoid sudden movements. Therefore, it is easier on the door and prevents damage to it and to the operator.

Motor in the operator

  • Overload protection means it will shut down if the motor unit is overheated.
  • It starts quickly, more like a Mustang than a Lada, thanks to the shaft coupling's high starting torque during run-up.
  • In the event of a problem, it provides error codes to let the repairmen know what's wrong so they quickly get your opener back in working order.


  • Can be set as desired, so that the garage door stays open from 1 second to 99 minutes before closing.
  • TimerSecure, Race timer function: In the event of a breakdown, the motor will not idle.
  • Mid-Course Stop function: Energy and time saving
  • Dealership Mode: Without you having to press the 1-button remote 3 times, the door opens to a pre-programmed height and then shuts.

Wall control panel

When the door opener has performed the specified number of openings and closings, the Maintenance Alert System (MAS), which can be programmed in steps of 1000 cycles, allows you to get a visual alert with a flashing LED light, making you aware of when inspections and preventative maintenance are due.

Only with G-4400 commercial garage doors > heavy-duty industrial dual-sided photo eyes (CPS-UN4)

The heavy-duty polycarbonate housings resist water/dust/dirt intrusion and are suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. They have solid sensor lights that signal proper sensor alignment. They are perfect for car dealers, car repair shops, car washes, and any other commercial space that has to deal with oil, water, and dirt as they won’t stop working because of them.

Remember. Choosing a commercial door operator that is compatible with existing 575-volt commercial buildings is interesting because it also means lower power bills.

Get Help from Our Specialists in Commercial Garage Doors and Operators for Your Car Dealership or Commercial / Industrial Space

Take the time to ascertain your needs, then talk about them with GARAGA garage door experts. They will be by your side through every phase of your project:

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