2022 Top Trends in Home Exteriors and The Perfect Garage Doors to Go with Each of Them

The pandemic caused people to spend much more time at home, seeing their surroundings with brand-new eyes, and rethinking their home-sweet-home to fit needs they might not have had before.

“Feeling good at home has become a priority, so why not renovate or remodel in order to have everything under the same roof?” – Sarah, owner of Real Architecture.

Modern style poolside garden house with California full view garage door, 12' x 7', Black aluminum profile, Clear glass

Are you smitten with the interior-exterior spaces created using panoramic garage doors? Then take a look at this 12' x 7' California all-glass garage door in Black with Clear glass. Ideal for a place to relax!

Which architectural style suits you best?

Whether it’s for a renovation or a new construction project, being aware of current trends can really help you in making your project a success. As trends in home exteriors change rapidly, here are 4 styles you need to be aware of to make better choices.

The Transitional Style

“Homeowners are moving away from a precise style. What they want is a timeless property that will stay elegant and beautiful over time.” – Ashley, at Anne Paquet Design.

2 story Transitional / Modern Farmhouse / Scandinavian style house plan, 2 single garage doors, in Flush design and Black colour

This Transitional Style house plan from Anne Paquet Design is going hand in hand with the Flush design garage doors in Black.

For a home exterior that stays in fashion for years, the Transitional Style is ideal. This style is becoming more and more popular. We could say that it is a cross between modern and traditional. Another name for it is classic modern.

Extraordinary transitional home featuring clean lines and steep roof pitches. The horizontal grid pattern of the windows gives an attractive modern touch to this design. Photo Credit: One Kind Design

David Charlez Designs has designed this extraordinary transitional home featuring clean lines and steep roof pitches. The horizontal grid pattern of the windows gives an attractive modern touch to this design. Photo credit: One Kind Design

The overall design has simple and symmetrical lines. The Transitional colour palette is based on natural shades of gray, beige, warm white and brown, with a preference for white oak as the type of wood.

Close-up image on a Moderno 2-beads garage door, 12' 6" x 9', Black, Azure windows

A garage door with clean lines is a perfect fit for the Transitional Style. Here is the Moderno 2 beads design, 12' 6" x 9', in Black with Azur windows.

To complement Transitional Style homes, sleek garage doors such as the Flush or Moderno 2 beads designs are an excellent choice.

The Modern Style

Modern style house plan including various proportions and wood insertions for more energy. Double garage with all-glass California garage doors, Black frame, Sandblasted Glass for more privacy

A Modern Style house plan created by Anne Paquet Design, here complimented by California full-view garage doors. Their black frame mimics the window frame, their sandblasted glass lets the natural light inside while giving privacy to the homeowners.

Very square houses have become decreasingly popular. The trend is to mix proportions and spaces instead. Creating asymmetries in height and depth gives the house a lot of energy. The "box" effect is thus avoided.

The best stylish colours for the Modern Style are gray, black and white. By adding warm, blonde wood inserts or stone accents, this modern look becomes less cold and takes on a Scandinavian feel. The large windows create an even more WOW factor!

Close-up of a contemporary house with an exclusive Vog design garage door, 9' x 7', Black, Harmonie windows left

Like very exclusive looks? Then consider the Vog garage door design, only from Garaga. For a match made in heaven, you can select Novatech entry door with the same design.

A Modern style home deserves a very modern garage door like one of the Vog, Moderno multi or Grooved designs. In Black, Charcoal or Iron Ore Walnut (an intense gray mixed with the look of this rich wood species), your garage will attract attention. For the good reasons!

The Farmhouse & Modern Farmhouse Styles

A black and white modern farmhouse style 2-story house with a double Cambridge CM Design garaage door. Plan #22001 from Plan Image.

Love contrasting Black and White? Here is a very charming and tasteful Modern Farmhouse Style house plan designed by Plan Image # 22001. With just enough of a modern flair in its exterior lighting and a bit of wood to warm up the whole look. With this kind of design, where the garage takes up 50% of the home façade, you really have to choose a garage door that will add curb appeal. Mission accomplished here with this double garage door in Cambridge CM design, from the Townships Collection.

Whether it's more rustic or more modern, this is the most popular style of 2022! With very neutral colours such as white, black and gray, this style is reminiscent of farmhouse architecture, but sleeker and more subdued. It is a mix of Country, Modern and even Scandinavian Styles.

Discover the 14 Best Garage Door Designs for Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse Styles

If you really are fond of Farmhouses and Modern Farmhouses, you will fall in love with these garage doors. Paying homage to the swinging doors of yesteryear, the designs are created with real PVC overlays affixed to R-16 insulated steel doors. The charm of wood without the drawbacks! Available in 10 colours, including Black, Charcoal & Ice White. I-, X-, A- or V-shaped overlays.

All white Farmhouse style home. The 2 Princeton P-21 single garage doors add a bucolic touch to this country home. Design Credit: Shoana Jensen | Photo Credit: Arthur Mola

This tone-on-tone Farmhouse Style catches your eye? Then the 2 single garage doors must play a big part in it! In fact, when you look at the overall proportion of the façade, you could even say they take center stage and make the look of this country gem! These are Princeton P-21 garage doors.. Design Credit: Shoana Jensen | Photo Credit: Arthur Mola

A garage door with decorative overlays from the Townships Collection is an excellent way to really elevate this very in-vogue style. Imagine a beautiful Black Princeton P-12 garage door, which would make a white Farmhouse Style house pop. Or how about an Ice White garage door to create a tone on tone and let the lines and different textures and materials of your house stand out?

Want to explore other Farmhouse and Modern Farmhouse home models? HousePlans has a great selection.

The Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian Style house plan. Its blond wood contrasting with black windows and front door, as well as the gable and beams over the entry door, which echo the triangular window and the slope of the roof.

Here is a typical Scandinavian Style house plan, created by Sarah Moore of Real Architecture.Your eye is drawn to its blond wood contrasting with black windows and front door, as well as the gable and beams over the entry door, which echo the triangular window and the slope of the roof. The Scandinavian Style call for a “less is more” garage door design. Sleek lines and a few spectacular elements are the key to own this style.

This style of home exudes a relaxing and inviting atmosphere. It may look like a cottage with a gable roof or even a spa.

Light and warm colours from nature dominate. The materials used are unfinished and can have wood accents with knots. Depending on the architectural lines of your home and what you want to accentuate, the California, Cambridge CL, Shaker-Modern XL or Flush garage door designs coordinate beautifully with the Scandinavian Style. Choose them in Black or Charcoal – they will surely complement your project.

Popular materials and colours for all these 4 home styles

Mixing raw materials will give your home style and charm. A wide range of exterior coverings is available. Since the colours are soft and neutral, it is the textures that will break the monotony and add distinctive character to your home.

  • Vinyl, cedar shingles, brick and stone. Use warm but neutral colours. Houses in yellow, blue or red are out. Of course, if you still love your colourful home, you should keep it this way. But if you’re shopping for new exterior sidings, choosing something more subtle will give your house a fresh start.
  • Fiber cement panels and planks. They are mainly used for Farmhouse and Scandinavian style houses. Composed of cellulose fibers and cement, they are very resistant to shock and humidity.
  • Wood inserts. They are also very popular. Whether for gables or dormers, they give a feeling of richness and warmth. Arches are also coming back in style. In blond wood, they give a very modern natural and Scandinavian look.
  • Want your garage door to match your home’s exterior colours? See our FAQ about GENTEK and ROYAL colours.

Cedar shingled house, double garage with Princeton P-23 garage doors, 8' x 7', Chocolate Walnut doors and mouldings and 8-pane Panoramic windows

Love wood, but not its disadvantages? We have garage doors with overlays that look like custom-made wood doors. Here are 8' x 7' Princeton P-23 garage doors with Chocolate Walnut doors and overlays.

Know which garage door styles are your favourite ones? Time to think about insulation. These facts will help you choose.

If your garage is attached to your house, either next to or under a room that is frequently used such as a living room, dining room or a bedroom, selecting a well-insulated door will keep you from throwing money out the window (or rather, out the door!) and be more comfortable in your home for years to come.

The Princeton P-12, 9' x 8', Iron Ore Walnut garage doors and Ice White overlays, 8-pane Panoramic windows really enhance this Craftman home while providing R-16 insulation.

Princeton P-12 garage doors lend charm to this single-story home while providing R-16 insulation. Their 8 lite Panoramic windows let a lot of light into this double garage, a favourite add-on for the home handyman or handywoman! (shown here in Iron Ore Walnut doors and Ice White overlays, but also available in all Black or all Ice White).

The higher the R-value you choose, the better your garage door is designed to keep the cold and heat out. After all, a garage door is your 4th wall.

Proudly made in Canada, Garaga garage doors are designed for our temperature differences and prevent air infiltration in a multitude of ways, from bottom rubber, to all weather seals and joints between sections.

After all, who's better than Canadians at designing and building well-insulated garage doors? And who’s better than other Canadians to know that the investment will pay off in a few years?

If choosing energy-efficient products is important for you, we recommend the Standard+ Construction and the Townships Collection Construction, the ultra high performance R-16 garage doors.

This small California all-glass garage door  brings a lot of light into the all white office of this lady from Montreal, Canada.

Even though she knew full-view garage doors are not as highly insulated as typical sectional steel garage doors, this Montreal homeowner still chose a small, California garage door for her home office. See how much light it brings into her all-white home office, perfect when you love to grow indoor plants.

Are you in love with all-glass panoramic garage doors like the California? We feel you!

These all-glass doors are made from aluminum, which is a very good thermal conductor. So California doors won't offer the same level of insulation as steel garage doors insulated with polyurethane foam. But they create beautiful interiors, are ultra-resistant to corrosion and bring natural light into your home. So, they have their pros and cons. The final decision is up to you!

That’s It! You’re Ready to Choose a Garage Door That Truly Makes Your Home Stand Out?

You're doing the right thing! Each year, upgrading to a stylish garage door is among the Top 3 renovations projects that provide the best resale value.

Most people buy only 1 or 2 garage doors in their lifetime. You have so many things to think about and choices to make! Why put pressure on yourself to make this investment alone, without consulting specialists?

Contact a GARAGA dealer near you.

The experience of our GARAGA garage door experts will make a difference in your renovation or construction project. They know how to guide you, respecting your budget and your style. After all, a quality garage door can last 25 years. Making the right choice is therefore essential. And that's what they are there for! It's their passion and their expertise.

Need more ideas before taking action?

Visit our image gallery. You will certainly find THE garage door of your dreams.

You’d prefer to create your own garage door? With our Design Centre it’s possible! Have fun building your ideal garage door by trying all sorts of design, colour, and window combinations. You can even test your favourites on a photo of your home or on your house plan.

Already know which garage door you want? Did one of our garage door designs catch your eye? Request a detailed quote by email.

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