A new colour, Iron Ore, for Garaga garage doors

July 20, 2023

Garaga is constantly innovating and following market trends. This summer, the company is delighted to launch the colour Iron Ore for its garage doors.

Modern house with two garage doors in Iron Ore - a very dark grey

Standard+ Flush garage doors in Iron Ore. A trendy, minimalist look that's definitely in vogue!

As a top choice among the avant-garde in recent years for exterior siding and other home décor elements, Iron Ore is an essential colour for those who want to be trendsetters.

"This colour is today's favourite!" says Alison Leclerc, Garaga’s Dealer Experience & Product Manager. "Architects, designers, and consumers who love the latest and most innovative building products are falling in love with this dark grey", she continues.

The perfect colour for a wide range of garage door designs

For a definite WOW factor along with all the quality and sturdiness of Garaga products, our Iron Ore colour is available for our R-16 polyurethane-insulated products in the Townships Collection (Princeton, Eastman and Cambridge) and Standard+ doors.

Vog design garage door, Iron Ore colour, with a vertical row of windows

Standard+ Vog in Iron Ore, Left-side Harmony windows with Grey Sandblasted glass

"Iron Ore is still a must-have colour for exterior paint manufacturers like Sherwin-Williams. Greys are all the rage with the craze for dark facades. Our choice to offer this warm grey was an obvious response to customer demand", explains Alison Leclerc.

A picture is so much better than words!

Want to see all the possibilities of an Iron Ore door? Have fun creating the garage door of your dreams on our Design Centre. There, it's easy to see which mix of design, windows, and decorative hardware best suits your home.

To get expert advice and see this magnificent colour in person, visit one of our dealers.