Garaga is proud to contribute to the well‑being of the Granby Zoo's hippos with its panoramic garage doors

October 5th, 2020

Garaga, a family‑owned company that has been manufacturing garage doors since 1983, has participated in the improvement of the Granby Zoo hippopotamus habitat, a major project that required an investment of $2.6 M, by donating its G‑4400 garage doors.

“As a manufacturer of residential and commercial garage doors, Garaga has been making the largest moving part of homes and agricultural, industrial and commercial buildings for over 36 years. As a socially responsible company, we are committed to encouraging causes that are meaningful for all generations. As individuals, we just love animals!”, says Kareen Roy, Branding and Communication Leader at Garaga.

“When the Granby Zoo approached Garaga for its project to create a more pleasant habitat for its hippopotamus family, we discovered how this zoo had a different approach to its animals' quality of life. As a company and as individuals, we like to put innovation and technology at the service of humans, to make their lives easier, more comfortable and more successful. We felt that the zoo was a "perfect fit" because it does the same with its animals and visitors. We enthusiastically agreed to become partners" she continues.

Splendides et robustes comme les hippos - Garaga garage doors

A zoo crazy about its animals

The Granby Zoo is recognized around the world for its conservation and research projects along with all the innovations it has implemented to ensure a better quality of life for its animals. What's more, the space created for the hippos is 3 times bigger than before.

Intended for humans to enjoy as well! An interactive and multimedia corridor has also been set up so that you and your family can feel close to the river with the hippos. On one side, you can observe the hippos swimming in the water and on the other, you are immersed in an African forest. Several other interactive activities are scattered throughout this new habitat.

Habitat for the hippopotamus family

Panoramic garage doors – let there be light.

Garaga’s G‑4400 doors allow the hippos at the Granby Zoo to easily pass from the inside to the outside. With Quebec's well‑known climate, they also bring in lots of natural light during our long winter months.

This commercial version of Garaga's all‑glass garage doors allows for jumbo – or rather hippo sizes – up to 24 feet wide and 18 feet high. In its residential version, this product is called the California.

G-4400 Garaga garage door - Granby Zoo

First seen adorning the trendiest places, these panoramic garage doors are now showing up on houses, cottages, restored barns, sheds transformed into man caves or stylish she‑sheds and even kitchens! With their chic, head‑turning touch, they make it possible to create the versatile Interiors/Exteriors that are so popular.

California, 18' x 8', Black aluminum frame, Clear glass

A great family activity!

Major health measures have been introduced at the Granby Zoo to respect social distancing. To visit the hippos in their new habitat and all the other animals at the zoo, here is the link: Admission and special rates.

About Garaga

Garaga has been designing and manufacturing superior quality garage doors for the residential, commercial and industrial markets as well as the hardware systems adapted to its doors since 1983. It is one of the leading garage door manufacturers in Canada with its two ultra‑modern plants, one in St‑Georges, Quebec and the other in Barrie, Ontario. Garaga recently acquired Mid‑America Doors in Oklahoma. By 2019, Garaga had manufactured and delivered more than 3.6 million garage doors across Canada and the United States since its founding. That's enough to cover 3,937 football fields!