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Davenport, IA averages 30.1 degrees F in winter. You need a well-insulated garage door to keep the heat inside and the cold out. There's no better way to understand the quality of our products than to watch them being tested against others in a lab.

Repair or maintenance of any brands

Repair of maintenance of any brands

Get more than just R value. Get a garage door with both thermal breaks and weather stripping to prevent the cold from entering your garage.

Many certified installers serving Davenport

Many certified installers serving Davenport

Your door is only as good as its installation. That’s why GARAGA offers its customers a network of certified installers. From Cedar Rapids, IA, to North Liberty, IA, you can benefit from over 17 years of experience!

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Omaha, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City, Sioux Falls, Waterloo, Iowa City, Marion, Cedar Falls, North Liberty

Getting a new garage door is among top 6 best projects to undertake in West North Central

According to a cost-value study made by the magazine “Remodeling”, midrange projects to replace a garage door cost on average $1,496 in West North Central. In fact, houses in West North Central recoup an average of 67.1% of their garage door cost when they are sold.

Build your door now with our Design Centre to:

  • Choose from over 15 different models
  • Try out our different patterns and colors
  • Add windows
  • Upload a photo of your own home to see how it looks with a new garage door.

Top 2 most popular door models in Davenport, IA: Uniforce and Dualforce

*This is according to the 2013 Cost vs. Value study made by the magazine Remodeling.

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Cambridge garage door, Eastman garage door and California garage door by GARAGA

Why Garaga doors are the most recommended in Davenport, IA

The best network of garage doors specialists in Davenport, IA

The specialists in GARAGA garage doors in the Davenport, IA area have mastered their skills in the field of garage doors and know the climate-related and architectural aspects of the region. They can give you the best advice to suit your specific preferences and needs, while preserving the unique character of the region.

When it comes to choosing a residential garage door, trust the specialists in the field. They will guide you through the various aspects to consider when buying. For example, they will check the type of use of your garage and its location relative to the house. Then, they will determine the level of insulation required, and the type of door opener and accessories. And let’s not forget everything that relates to the decorative elements of your door, such as the choice of style, color, texture, windows and hardware.

Why is LiftMaster the most famous door opener brand in Davenport, IA

The LiftMaster range of products is the number one brand in the field of garage door openers. Garage doors specialists in and around Davenport, IA trust them for several reasons.

The Chamberlain Group’s LiftMaster company has been working in the field for a long time. The quality and reliability of their products reflect their expertise. Their garage door openers are highly durable and garage door professionals observe it regularly.

LiftMaster door openers are easy to use and to adapt to specific needs. For example, if a bedroom is located above the garage, a quieter door opener is preferable. They also work on all types of doors. Finally, the brand offers a wide variety of accessories to safely manage the use of a garage door.

A network of experts that effectively provides maintenance and repair services

Finally, the installation of a garage door by qualified technicians and regular inspections ensure the optimal operation of a garage door system. These will improve its efficiency, durability and security. Professionals in the Davenport, IA area work carefully on the installation, repair and maintenance of residential and commercial garage doors.

To avoid emergencies and unnecessary expenses, an annual or preventive tune-up program can be planned with you. Our teams will carry out a careful inspection. Thus, your garage door system will remain in good working order throughout the year!

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