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Refined, yet urban, the Cambridge garage door shows impeccable styling, from its precision-matched overlays down to its woodgrain steel panels. With polyurethane insulation, it comes in a choice of 3 models and 8 colors.

Available with a variety of Panoramic windows, you can also have the Cambridge without windows for a fashionable and modern look.

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Eastman Estate


Recalling carriage house doors of yesteryear, the traditional Eastman Estate garage door is nonetheless made in steel, insulated with polyurethane, and comes in 6 model patterns, 8 colors, and an appealing choice of decorative hardware and windows.

With more than 500 possible style combinations, visit our Design Centre to find the Eastman Estate that will be perfect for your house.

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The California is much more than a simple garage door, it’s a retractable wall of windows. It is ideal as a conventional door, to close off a carport or patio, or as a partition for a loft or office space.

To complete the sleek and urban look you want for your home, the California has a choice of 3 different frame colors. See the different projects that can be created with the California.

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North Hatley


With its carriage house style and decorative hardware, the North Hatley provides the traditional look of swinging doors. Make from steel, insulated with polyurethane and 1 ¾" thick, it provides an enviable R-16 insulation value.

The North Hatley is available in 9 colors including the stunning American Walnut which imitates the rich texture of wood.

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Stratton 138


The Stratton 138 is available in a choice of 5 colors. With its combination of carriage house style and decorative hardware, it recalls traditional swinging doors. Made from steel and insulated with polyurethane, it is 1 3/8" thick.

If your home doesn’t have to defend you from a northern climate or if your garage isn’t attached to your house, the Stratton 138, with R-12 thermal resistance, is an effective solution.

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Top Tech


With a slightly-textured white steel finish and the purity of its grooved design, the elegance of the Top Tech is distinctive.

If you are trying to coordinate your garage door with your front door, the Top Tech fits the bill. For an even more contemporary look, view the attractive window layouts available.

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Made in aluminum, the H-Tech is both a light garage door and resistant to corrosion. It sports a rustic woodgrain finish and comes in a choice of 8 modern colors.

Are you planning to buy a double garage door wider than 14 feet? Then consider the purchase of an H-Tech because being lightweight, it will help the opening mechanism last longer and save you on maintenance costs.

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The Standard+ door is Garaga’s bestselling garage door. Made with galvanized steel and polyurethane insulation, it comes in 9 colors and in 5 models. The different possible design configurations of this door are surprising and it is the ideal choice to get a contemporary look.

Made in a solid tradition of strength, the Standard+ is intended if you are looking for the best buy, without sacrificing the look and performance.

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Acadia 138


Constructed from galvanized steel, the Acadia 138 is insulated with polyurethane and comes in a choice of 5 colors and 5 models. At 1 3/8" thick, it provides an R-12 thermal resistance factor, ideal for places that require very good energy performance.

Affordable without compromising, get peace of mind with the Acadia 138. This garage door provides you with the quality construction Garaga products are known for while being well within your budget.

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Using polystyrene insulation, the Triforce garage door is unique in its category. It is a more affordable solution for maintaining the comfort of a heated garage. Made with steel walls inside and out, it is constructed with top-quality joints and wood end blocks that provide an insulation factor of R-10.

With a choice of 6 colors, the Triforce is sure to coordinate with your house because it comes in many models such as the traditional ones (Classic, XL and MIX), Flush and Carriage House.

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The Dualforce is made with steel walls and a layer of polystyrene. It comes in a choice of 4 colors and 4 models.

If you don’t heat your garage regularly, the Dualforce garage door is perfect. It is also an affordable solution if you want to reduce noise coming from your workshop or unheated shed.

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The Uniforce is a non-insulated steel door. It is available in a selection of 4 colors and 3 models.

If all you want is an attractive door to safely protect your garage or garden shed, the Uniforce is a perfect fit.

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G-2020, G-2023, G-2323
G-5000, G-5138, G-5200
TG-8024, TG-8524
LiftMaster 8165
LiftMaster 8365-267
LiftMaster 8557
LiftMaster 8587
LiftMaster 8355
LiftMaster 8360
LiftMaster 8500
LiftMaster 8550
LiftMaster 3900
LiftMaster ATS
LiftMaster MT
LiftMaster MH
LiftMaster MJ
LiftMaster APT
LiftMaster T
LiftMaster GT
LiftMaster GH
LiftMaster RBH
LiftMaster J
LiftMaster H
LiftMaster HCT
KW-AirBarrier System
KW-Anchoring plate
KW-Chain hoist
KW-ColdStop System
KW-Commercial door
KW-Decorative hardware
KW-Door movement
KW-Door opener
KW-Double door
KW-Electric Chain Hoist Operator
KW-Electric operators
KW-Extension springs
KW-Garaga Experts
KW-Industrial door
KW-Inside lock
KW-Interlocking joints
KW-ISO-9001 :2008
KW-Jackshaft operator
KW-LaserCraft Technology
KW-LongLife Components
KW-Metal skin
KW-Operation cycle
KW-PermaFix Fusion Process
KW-Polyurethane foam
KW-Power Unit
KW-Properly balanced door
KW-PVC weather-stripping
KW-Residential door
KW-RockSolid Construction
KW-Screw cover
KW-Single door
KW-Thermal break
KW-Thermo-pane window
KW-Torsion springs
KW-Trolley operator
KW-TrueFit design
KW-U-shaped bottom weather-stripping
KW-Vertical Lift
KW-Wind Load
KW-Wood end block
KW-Antique Garage Door Windows
KW-Arch Garage Door Windows
KW-Orion Garage Door Windows
KW-PermaFix Fusion Process
KW-Printing Process Garage Door Windows
KW-Standard Garage Door Windows
1.5 second timer delay reverse
3 Button-control station
3 Button-control station (outside)
Adjustable timer to close
C-shape bumper
Coaxial Radio Receiver
Continuous angle on vertical tracks
Loop detector
Photo-electric sensor
Precision bearings
Properly balanced door with operator
Protection posts
Qualified electrician
Radio transmitter
Reinforcement struts
Solid shaft
Steel end caps
Tension bridges
Pneumatic Sensing Edge Kit
Pull chain
Pusher Springs
KW-Plastic Insert Garage Door Windows
895MAX LiftMaster
375UT LiftMaster
890MAX LiftMaster
893MAX LiftMaster
371LM LiftMaster
373LM LiftMaster
891LM LiftMaster
893LM LiftMaster
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