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How do I paint a Garaga garage door?

Paint your Garaga door yoursefl
General information


If you decide to paint your Garaga door yourself, the following instructions outline how to do it. It is important to note that oil-based paint (alkaloid) with a matt or semi-gloss finish does not exist in the market (unless an industrial paint is used).


Therefore, it is recommended that latex paint be used to avoid highlighting imperfections in the metal. Use a brush to contour the raised panel, and a roller (1/2" (10 mm) to provide a nice finish.


If your customers want to paint their front door and/or windows, it is possible to closely reproduce the colour of their Garaga door. See the Sico, National / Laurentide and Benjamin Moore colour codes on the next page.


We have used the Sico, National - Laurentide and Benjamin Moore paint companies, but any good paint company can be used, with the stages remaining the same. Some dealers are equipped with an electronic machine to find the exact colouration. A colour sample will be necessary.


Before painting any Garaga garage doors, we invite you to read the document about the Limited lifetime warranty.



How to repaint a Garaga door:


1. Wash the surface of each panel with phosphate trisodium (Polypred 771-137) to remove grease and residue. Rinse completely with clear water and let it dry.


2. Sand the surface of each panel with sand-paper (grade #220) in order to create an adherence profile. Avoid using steel wool. Clean the panel with a tack cloth or a vacuum.


3. A primer coat is necessary only if the enamel is taken off, if the steel is visible or if there is some rust. In these particular cases, apply a phosphate coat of zinc primer: Sico(Corrostop Light Beige 635-260 or oxide red Sico 635-785), National - Laurentide (Dura-sol 545-062 (8545-91)) or Benjamin Moore primer serie 163. Let it dry a minimum of 16 hours before painting


4. Apply 2 coats of latex paint






Wood surfaces
Series 8112311-XXSeries N096 / AURA 632
Metal surfaces
Series 817545-OXYSeries N096 / AURA 632


Most important: The above guidelines are only suggestions. For exact color application, we advise you seek expert advice form a colour consultant at your nearest retail paint store.

Eastman Estate and Cambridge: How to repaint a GARAGA door

1) For the steel surface of the door
  • a. Please read the above text

2) For PVC surfaces (overlays)
  • a. Before painting, PVC surfaces must be prepared and cleaned of dirt, oil, chalk and /or mildew with a diluted solution of trisodium phosphate. Consult product manufacturer instructions.
  • b. Rinse completely with clear water and allow to dry.
  • c. Use only high-quality latex (water) or alkaloid (oil) exterior paint (flat, satin or semi gloss).

WARNING: dark colors absorb radiant heat from the sun creating extremely high surface temperatures. DO NOT PAINT the raised overlay (vinyl) on the door using paint with a light reflective value of less than 56.

We are providing the following Sico, Benjamin Moore and National-Laurentide color codes to help you to match the color on your Garaga garage door as closely as possible. The final color can vary depending on the sheen of the paint (flat, satin, semi gloss and gloss), and the surface being painted (wood, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, etc.), as well as the application method (spray, brush, etc.). Therefore you should not expect a perfect color match to your Garaga garage door. You or your painter may have to experiment with the sheen and application to obtain a color match that is satisfactory.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All color codes have been provided by the technical service departments of the above mentioned paint companies. Garaga updates these paint suppliers color codes on a regular basis, but we assume no responsibility for the accuracy of this information. We strongly recommend that you bring a Garaga door paint chip to your store to assist them in providing you with the closest match, in addition to providing them with the color codes. Your local Garaga Dealer can provide you with a Garaga door paint chip. We have found that some paint dealers cannot reproduce our colors from the color codes due to the limitations of their coloring machines and the paint chip will help them to do so. Please note that by painting your garage door, you void the warranty on your door.