Residential - How much headroom is required above the garage door?

In order to install torsion-spring hardware, we recommend a clearance of 12 in. (305 mm). On the other hand, if there is only 5 in. (127mm) to 12 in. (304 mm) available, it is best to use a dual-track system, designed for low headroom. When equipping a garage door with an electric door opener, add 2 in. (51 mm) to these measurements.

Torsion (1)

Extension (2)


Operation type


Operation type

0" to 5"Not possible (lower headboard of door)0" to 5"Not possible (lower headboard of door)
5" to 12"Low Headroom (double track system)5" to 8 1/2"Low Headroom (double track system)
12" and higherStandard (12" radius) (3)8 1/2" and higherStandard (10" radius)

  1. Garaga recommends the use of torsion springs for improved door operation and increased safety.

  2. Garaga recommends the use of safety cables with extension springs for more security.

  3. You can order a 15 inch radius with torsion springs operation.

If an electric operator is being used, add 2 inches(51mm) to headroom required.


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