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FeaturesG-8500 Garaga garage door

  • 24-gauge, hot dipped-galvanized steel.

  • 2 in. (50 mm) insulated door with 1 7/16po (36.5 mm) CFC-free Polystyrene protected with a rigid styrene sheet.

  • R-Value 6.6 (RSI:1.2).

  • Finely embossed woodgrain design Deep ribbed steel for extra sturdiness.

  • Flexible EPDM bottom weatherstripping.

  • 20-gauge galvanized steel attached by a Tog-L-Loc® joining system with no rivets at hinge placement locations.


 Price comparison*

Door model 

Price difference compared
to the G-5000

G-1000 (aluminum of 0,60 mm)
R-16 (k=0,357 W/m 2 K)
G-2000 (23 gauge steel)
R-16 (k=0,357 W/m 2 K)
G-3000 (20/23 gauge steel)
R-16 (k=0,357 W/m 2 K)
G-3005 (20/20 gauge steel)
R-16 (k=0,357 W/m 2 K)
G-4400 (station service door)
R: not applicable
Because this door is fully glazed, it is
difficult to compare with others.
G-5000 (26 gauge steel)
R-16 (k=0,357 W/m 2 K)
G-7000 (26 gauge steel)
R-12 (k=0,476 W/m 2 K)
G-8000 (24 gauge steel)
G-8500 (24 gauge steel)
R-6.6 (k=0,860 W/m 2 K)

* For a door of the same dimensions and with the same hardware system. Installation included. Manual operation. Price comparison may vary depending on the cost of the door opener and accessories.

Download the brochure PDF Document  (920 Mb)


The G-8500 is offered in Ice White only with a corrosion resistant, baked-on polyester base paint. Note this door can be repainted.

Ice White

Note that the accuracy of colours on the website may vary depending on your screen settings. To see the true colours, please contact your local Garaga dealer for a sample.

Woodgrain finish

Woodgrain finish G-8500 Garaga garage door



 Grooved Patterns

IMG G-8500 Grooved


Single clear plain glass window 1/8 inch (3 mm) is inserted into an expanded PVC frame which is cast without joints. Size: 21 X 13 in. (533 X 330 mm).


Garaga Windows Std Clear 21 x 13


Hardware System

  • 13-gauge or 14-gauge, 2 in. (51 mm) commercial tracks (for doors of less than 140 ft2 (13 m2) or 12-gauge 3 in. (76 mm) industrial tracks.

  • Torsion spring.



Available sizes

Widths: from 6 ft. to 24 ft., in 1-inch increments (from 1.8 m to 7.3 m, in 25 mm increments)

Heights: from 8 ft. to 18 ft., in 3-in. increments. Note: 8’3”, 8’6” and 10’3” are not available (fom 2.4 m to 5.5 m, in 76 mm increments)

Documents to Download

Technical DrawingAutocad Document Autocad (92 Kb)

Technical Drawing PDF Document (52 Kb)

Technical SpecificationWord Document (72 Kb)

G-8500 BrochurePDF Document (920 Kb)


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