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    Edmonton, AB averages -7.9 degrees Celsius in winter. You need a well-insulated garage door to keep the heat inside and the cold out. There's no better way to understand the quality of our products than to watch them being tested against others in a lab.


    Your door is only as good as its installation. That’s why Garaga offers its customers a network of certified installers. In Edmonton, AB, you can benefit from over 45 years of experience!

    Repair or maintenance of any brands

    Get more than just R value. Get a garage door with both thermal breaks and weather stripping to prevent the cold from entering your garage.

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    Our dealer in Edmonton & surrounding areas


    3812 56 Ave
    Edmonton , AB, Canada, T6B 3R8
    Read more about Abe's Door Service Ltd.


    6051 47th Street, Unit 104
    Leduc, AB, Canada, T9E 7A5
    Read more about LEDUC Overhead Door Inc


    20426, 107thAve
    Edmonton , AB, Canada, T5S 1W9
    Read more about JD Doors Ltd.



    Beaumont, Leduc, Nisku, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Strathcona County/Sherwood Park



    GARAGA - Residential Garage Doors

    The number one choice in garage doors in Edmonton, AB is Garaga


    The purchase of a new garage door represents a major investment. You have high hopes, and you want to get the best suited door from among the great quantity of practical choices! On top of revealing the personality of the occupants of a house, a well-chosen garage door improves the visual aspect of a house and therefore its resale value. For that reason, doing business with a company specialized in the field is a winning plan.

    Our GARAGA garage door specialists in Edmonton, AB are aware of the type of weather and the architecture of the area, allowing them to provide great assistance when it comes to finding the most-suitable garage door for your home, while guaranteeing that its appearance will be impeccably incorporated into your environment.

    Here's a general idea of key features to consider when picking out your next garage door:

    - Models: for various architectural styles

    - Colours: discover a variety
    of colours available

    - Patterns: explore various finishes and textures to personalize your door

    - Windows: to add a touch of sophistication to your door or to have natural light enter your garage

    - Decorative hardware: style and
    allure assured

    - Degree of insulation: to preserve your comfort all season

    - Optional accessories to simplify your garage door and garage door opener usage: emergency battery, MyQ system, exterior digital keypad, etc.


    The installation of a garage door involves know-how and experience. By entrusting our experts from Edmonton, AB to install your garage door, you will get a safe, durable and effective system. The performance of your door will last as it will be well-balanced and the quality of the weathertightness will be verified. Your door won’t wear prematurely and you will be able to open and close your garage door with only one hand.

    Our professionals from Edmonton, AB install, repair and maintain residential or commercial garage doors with the utmost care. We invite you to join our annual inspection program to prevent potential problems. Besides helping you save time and money, our team will come to perform an inspection and preventive maintenance of your garage door. You will then take advantage of your freedom and enjoy the calmness and the comfort of your home.


    Thanks to their years of experience in the field, experts in Edmonton, AB recommend LiftMaster garage door openers for unmistakable reasons: dependability, quality and toughness. Actually, the professionals have always counted on the unbelievable durability of these garage door openers, and this, right from the start. As a result of its leading spot in the market, the LiftMaster brand, manufactured by the Chamberlain Group, provides top-performing and innovative products while meeting the changing requirements of the industry.

    Owners and experts mostly appreciate the safety of LiftMaster products. One reason is their infrared system technology that senses an object or a person while a door is in operation.

    Furthermore, their door openers are easy to use and adaptable. Any model of garage door can use one of LiftMaster’s door openers as they can be adapted to many specific needs. For example, if your garage is attached to the house, a quiet door opener would be a great choice to avoid disturbing your family as you come and go.




    Driving Directions



    From Edmonton, AB to Edmonton, AB

    Edmonton, AB
    Drive 11 km, 17 min
    Take Connors Rd NW, 90 Ave NW E and 50 St NW to Roper Rd NW 9.6 km / 14 min
    1. Head south on 100 St NW toward 102 Ave NW 550 m
    2. Continue onto McDougall Hill
    Rd NW
    260 m
    3. Turn left to stay on McDougall Hill Rd NW 140 m
    4. Use the left lane to turn slightly left to stay on McDougall Hill Rd NW (signs for Low Level Bridge) 350 m
    5. Continue onto Connors Rd NW/Low Level Bridge 240 m
    6. Continue onto Scona Rd NW 190 m
    7. Use the left lane to take the ramp to Connors Rd NW 450 m
    8. Continue onto Connors Rd NW 1.4 km
    9. Continue straight to stay on Connors Rd NW 450 m
    10. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto 90 Ave NW E 2.6 km
    11. Turn right onto 50 St NW 2.9 km
    Continue on Roper Rd NW. Drive to
    56 Ave NW
    1.4 km / 2 min
    12. Turn left onto Roper Rd NW 900 m
    13. Turn right onto 42 St NW 290 m
    14. Turn left onto 56 Ave NW - Destination will be on the left 220 m
    3812 56 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6B 3R8


    From Edmonton, AB to Edmonton, AB

    Edmonton, AB
    Drive 18.8 km, 29 min
    Take Kingsway NW and 121 St NW
    to Yellowhead Hwy W/Yellowhead Trail W
    5.6 km / 11 min
    1. Head north on 100 St NW toward 102A Ave NW 200 m
    2. Turn left onto 103a Ave NW 190 m
    3. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto 101 St NW 950 m
    4. Turn left onto Kingsway NW 2.9 km
    5. Turn right onto 121 St NW 1.4 km
    Continue on Yellowhead Hwy W/Yellowhead Trail W. Take AB-16 and Exit 378 to 109 Ave NW.
    Take exit 23 from AB-2 S/AB-216 S
    12.2 km / 12 min
    6. Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Yellowhead Hwy W/Yellowhead Trail W 4.8 km
    7. Continue onto Yellowhead Hwy W/Yellowhead Trail W/AB-16 3.6 km
    8. Take exit 378 for Anthony Henday Drive 2.5 km
    9. Merge onto AB-2 S/AB-216 S 750 m
    10. Take exit 23 for 109 Avenue W 500 m
    Follow 199 St NW to 107 Ave NW 1.8 km / 2 min
    11. Continue onto 109 Ave NW 75 m
    12. Turn left onto 199 St NW 450 m
    13. Turn right onto 107 Ave NW 550 m
    20426, 107th Ave, Edmonton, AB, T5S 1W9


    From Edmonton, AB to Leduc, AB

    Edmonton, AB
    Drive 32.6 km, 31 min
    Take 104 St NW S and Calgary Trail NW to AB-2 S 12.6 km / 19 min
    1. Head south on 100 St NW toward 102 Ave NW 550 m
    2. Continue onto McDougall Hill Rd NW 260 m
    3. Turn left to stay on McDougall Hill
    Rd NW
    140 m
    4. Use any lane to turn slightly left to stay on McDougall Hill Rd NW
    (signs for Low Level Bridge)
    350 m
    5. Continue onto Connors Rd NW/
    Low Level Bridge
    240 m
    6. Continue onto Scona Rd NW 1.1 km
    7. Slight right onto Saskatchewan
    Dr NW
    1 km
    8. Saskatchewan Dr NW turns left
    and becomes 104 St NW S
    3.4 km
    9. Continue onto Calgary Trail NW 68 m
    10. Use the left lanes to turn slightly left to stay on Calgary Trail NW 5.6 km
    Follow AB-2 S to 50 St in Nisku.
    Take exit 519 from AB-2 S
    19.2 km / 11 min
    11. Continue onto AB-2 S
    (signs for Calgary/
    Edmonton International Airport)
    17.6 km
    12. Take exit 519 toward Leduc/Business Sector 1.6 km
    Continue on 50 St. Drive to 47 St
    in Leduc
    800 m
    2 min
    13. Continue onto 50 St 400 m
    14. Continue straight to stay on 50 St 200 m
    15. Slight left onto 47 St
    Destination will be on the left
    450 m
    6051 47th Street, Unit 104, Leduc, AB


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