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  • Garaga Inc. certified ISO 9001

    February 2th 2004

    Garaga inc. is pleased to confirm its successful transition to the new ISO 9001 standards. Garaga has just achieved another step in its pursuit of excellence, showing its continued commitment to improve its quality system as well as its products and services.

    During the period from 1994 to 2000, new ISO standards have been developed. All companies currently certified under the ISO 9002 standard had to meet an even more stringent set of requirements, including measuring 'customer satisfaction' levels, to achieve their successful transition to the new ISO 9001 standard. The requirements remain quite similar to the ISO 9002 standards in regard to purchasing, production and shipment of products, but are more stringent when it comes to the improvement of the quality system, and consequently the quality of the products and services, which is fully consistent with the corporate philosophy of Garaga Inc.

    Garaga has been certified ISO9002 since September 1997. Garaga was the first North American garage door manufacturer to be certified ISO.

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