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  • Lively social life at Garaga

    Lively social life at Garaga Garage doors

    Working with colleagues is fine, but having fun with them and their families is much better! A lively social life is very important for our well-being, and activities with colleagues can create a fraternity while forging closer relations. To encourage participation, Garaga and its social club openly welcome suggestions and are willing to finance them.
    Here are some of the activities taking place during the year:

    • Christmas party

    • Sugar shack

    • Hockey team for the Comrie tournament

    • Hockey pool

    • Nutritional & Health conferences

    • Bike-to-work challenge

    • Fishing

    • Annual summer BBQ

    • Lobster tasting

    • Halloween

    • Informative lunch sessions

    • Garaga’s Great Explorers


     IMG_Soccer activite garaga  Sugar shack





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