Make Your Garage Sale a Success

If the robin isn’t proof enough that spring is here, then the crowds at the garage sales are a sure sign that spring has finally sprung!

It can’t be denied that when summer arrives, we all feel the need to discard items that are cluttering up the garage and house. That’s what spring cleaning is all about! Here are a few garage sale tips from Garaga, the garage door manufacturer.
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Fun and Useful Ideas on How to organize a garage

Ever feel like your garage will never get organized? Garages are often used as a place to put things such as undesired boxes, winter jackets, sports equipment, bikes, and well…our junk. No matter how big a garage is, it always seems like there’s just not enough space and a clutter of tools and boxes can be created pretty quickly! Here at Garaga we understand how busy mothers can be, especially when looking after young children. We also understand that for almost anyone, the idea of cleaning your garage is a burden. Fortunately, we came up with a few simple garage organization ideas for your piece of mind. Not only are these methods easy, clever and effective, most of them will cost you close to nothing!

Try some of these yourself and watch your garage change into a clean organized space where you can find tools fast!
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Preparing Your Garage Door for the Summer

The cold winter months are behind us and summer is quickly approaching. So the time is just right to start on some garage door maintenance.

Winter’s icy conditions and cold weather can be tough on garage doors, so some repairs and touch ups may be needed. And the inside of the garage will need some maintenance done as well.

You may think your garage door and door opener look fine. But checking the parts, cleaning and repairing any damage can save you a lot of money later on. Here are some general tips to keep your garage door in top shape for the summer months.

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