This is Why You Never Leave Your Garage Door Open Overnight

Protect Your Garage, Protect Your Home

For whatever reason, some homeowners decide that it’s OK to leave the garage door opened while unattended.
This careless action can lead to a variety of nasty consequences, especially if you have an attached garage. A solid garage door is your first line of defense against unwanted intruders, ranging from people to small animals, preventing serious problems from occurring because you didn’t take the time to shut the garage door.
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How to prevent a fire in your garage

Did you know that in the US, there are on average 6,600 residential garage fires every year? Each year, this results in 30 deaths, 400 injuries and over $457 million in property loss.
Here are some recommendations from the USFA (US Fire Administration) to help you avoid this happening to you, especially if your home has an attached garage.
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Test: Can a Thief Open Your Garage Door?

You keep a lot of valuables in your garage, from tools and treasured belongings in storage to your car and other expensive vehicles. The importance of keeping these possessions safe is undeniable. But is your garage secure? Ask yourself these questions to find out whether a thief could open your garage door: Read More

Is Your Garage Door Vulnerable to Thieves?

Is Your Garage Door Vulnerable to Thieves
When many homeowners come to consider home security, many overlook the importance of the garage in preserving the safety of the home. This is despite the fact that the garage tends to be generously stocked with valuables like power tools, lawnmowers and, of course, cars. Getting access to the garage could also allow access to the rest of the house.
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The Real Dangers of an Old Garage Door

The Real Dangers of an Old Garage DoorIt’s easy to underestimate the value of a good garage door. On top of adding curb appeal, they also provide security and utility, and can increase the value of your property. With these in mind, it may be time to service, upgrade, or replace your old garage door.
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How to Secure Your Garage Before You Go on Vacation

Before you pack and head to the airport for your next vacation, make sure you tie up all your loose ends before leaving home. The list includes arranging mail delivery, considering utilities and heat, what to do with pets and plants, and keeping your house and garage secure.

Make sure your garage is safe and secure by tending to specific items.
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