Why did my garage door come off its tracks?

There are a number of reasons why a garage door could come off its tracks and hit the ground. Probably you are asking yourself “Why do I need to know the reasons my garage door could come off its tracks?” By understanding what could cause such an event, it will assist you in staying constantly vigilant for any potential problems that could arise.
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September has arrived, so now is the time for garage door maintenance

The summer months are gone, and September is here. Back to school, shorter day, trees changing color – all the signs of fall, meaning winter can’t be far away.
Hand in hand with these events are some maintenance tasks you yourself can perform on your garage door system at this time of year. They will only take a few minutes but ensure your door’s correct operation throughout the fall season.
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What You Should Know About a Garage Door’s Wind Resistance

Whether you live in an area highly prone to extreme weather, or you only occasionally get hit by strong storms, the durability of your garage door is vital. Not taking your garage door’s wind resistance into consideration could lead to thousands of dollars-worth of damage to your home.

Garage doors are rated for their ability to withstand various wind speeds, and it can be an important factor to keep in mind when you’re deciding on what to buy for your home.
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Preparing Your Garage Door for the Summer

The cold winter months are behind us and summer is quickly approaching. So the time is just right to start on some garage door maintenance.

Winter’s icy conditions and cold weather can be tough on garage doors, so some repairs and touch ups may be needed. And the inside of the garage will need some maintenance done as well.

You may think your garage door and door opener look fine. But checking the parts, cleaning and repairing any damage can save you a lot of money later on. Here are some general tips to keep your garage door in top shape for the summer months.

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