The first impression your home makes sets the tone for the overall aesthetic of your house

When renovating, often the focus and dollars are given to achieving that “designer look” for the interior of our homes. We forget that the first impressions are made by the exterior of the house. We’ve all heard of “curb appeal”, especially when getting ready to sell your home. However, curb appeal should not be just for resale purposes as it can set the tone for the overall aesthetic of your home.
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10 Uses For Your Second Garage

A second garage isn’t something everybody has. Those who are lucky enough to have the extra space are sometimes stumped with what to do with it. That second garage can add value to your property not only for storage, but as a special space for entertaining or special interests.
Here are 10 ideas to help spark your creativity when you want to do more than store the lawnmower in your second garage.
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Cutting a rug in your Garage

There’s plenty of things that people do with their garages to transform the space into something more useful than a place where you put your car, yard tools and old buckets of paint from the 80s.
Some turn the garage into a home theatre zone while others decide to create a garage rock jam space. If you or your family happens to be into dance, there’s no reason why you can’t set up a dance studio in your garage if you have enough space to do so.
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Create your Dream Living Space with a Garage Conversion


Is it time to expand your living space? Have you been torn between moving to a new home or remodeling your existing home? If this is the case, one option is to renovate your garage.

If your garage isn’t getting much use, converting it can open up many possibilities for your home. A converted garage can become a guest studio, an entertainment space, a “man cave”, a home gym, a recording studio, an office and so on.
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The Best Xmas Garage Door Decorations From Around the Web

garage christmas decoration
Christmas often brings out the interior designer within us all as we prepare to enjoy spending time with family and friends over the holiday season.

Your garage door provides you with a great opportunity to decorate the exterior of your home in a display of Christmas spirit.

Here are a variety of ways in which you can infuse your garage with a little bit of Christmas magic.
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Everything You Need to Know About Garage Flooring

There are a number of reasons you may want to install upgraded flooring for your garage. You may want to protect the concrete surface from chemicals, or wear and tear. You may want more comfortable or aesthetically pleasing floor covering. You may want to increase the value of your home.

Once you start looking, you will see that there are many options for flooring. What you choose will depend on budget, preference and what your garage is being used for.
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Creating the Ultimate Garage Workshop


To some of us however, the garage can be a special place where true creativity and creation can thrive. For those that find happiness in getting our hands dirty, whether from woodworking, machining, or working on our cars we’ve all had dreams of building the ultimate garage workshop.

Fortunately, transforming a garage into the ultimate workshop isn’t as hard as you might think. With careful planning, a clear vision, and a bit of money set aside, your garage can go from just being a place to store your lawnmower to a handyman or gearhead’s paradise.

Here are some tips on how to make your garage an ultimate workshop.
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Turning your garage into a playroom

One of our employees had the genius idea of converting her garage into the perfect playroom for her kids. With a 2 year-old son and a little girl on the way, this room has showed to be very practical for her and her husband and also very amusing to her son who could spend hours playing in there. We’ve ask her a few questions about her idea and found out how she managed to do it all.

These answers could help you create a garage playroom area of your own. See how you can do everything in just a few days!
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