9 of the Top Auto Repair & DIY Mechanic Blogs

For automotive enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers the garage is not just a place to store your car. It’s a place to take care of it, repair it, or modify to your heart’s content.

Your garage becomes a playground for the mechanic in you to get your hands greasy as you work on oil changes, engine repairs, or even just cleaning & detailing.

If car culture and auto repair are your passion, you no doubt have an area of your garage stocked with tools, repair manuals, and posters of your dream machines. You may also have a few favourite websites that you check up on daily to stay informed, troubleshoot, or learn new tricks.

If you’re looking for more of the top automotive and car repair websites or need somewhere to start, we’ve collected a list of 9 blogs perfect for all you DIY mechanics and enthusiasts alike!

Advance Auto Parts – DIY Garage Blog


The DIY Garage Blog by Advance Auto Parts includes car news & highlights, along with do-it-yourself mechanic tips and how-tos for keeping your car in great shape.

A Post We Love: My Garage, My Sanctuary

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Jalopnik extensively covers cars, care culture, and industry news for casual fans and gearheads alike. The highly active blog also features posts on motorcycles, aircraft, racing, and automotive technology.

A Post We Love: How To Drive Off-Road

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Car Talk


Car Talk is an award-winning radio broadcast now syndicated across NPR. The website and blog features automotive news, car tips, and guest contributions from industry experts. The radio shows are also available as podcasts.

A Post We Love: Manual vs. Automatic: Which Gets Better Mileage?

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The Allstate Blog


The Auto section of Allstate Insurance’s blog provides tips on car maintenance, as well as general buying & selling guides. Distracted driving is also a key topic, to help keep readers safe on the roads.

A Post We Love: Choose the Right Car for You

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The Humble Mechanic


The Humble Mechanic blog is authored by Charles Sanville, a Volkswagen technician and mechanic. His blog features car repair tips, a Podcast, and behind-the-scenes photo galleries of his work at the dealership.

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The AutoPartsShop Automobile Blog


The AutPartsShop blog covers technical and in-depth car repair topics, including the meanings and functions of specific parts and tips for do-it-yourself mechanics.

A Post We Love: Know About the Common Braking Problems and Their Solutions

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Cary Car Care Blog


Cary Car Care is a mechanic based in Cary, North Carolina. Their blog shares car maintenance and repair tips as well as guides on understanding and diagnosing automotive issues..

A Post We Love: Helpful Car Care Tips | Typical Maintenance and Repair

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Meyers Auto Parts Blog


Meyers Auto Parts is a Las Vegas based auto parts supplier. Their blog includes car troubleshooting tips, as well as guides on the purpose and functions of specific parts.

A Post We Love: Troubleshooting Your Car Leaks

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Fairfax Auto Repair


Based in Fairfax, Va, Fairfax Auto Repair is a mechanic whose blog features topics around preventative car maintenance tips and driver safety.

A Post We Love: Don’t Ignore these Five Transmission Problems

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We’d love to hear your thoughts! What’s your favourite website on the list? Are we missing anyone that you would like to recommend? Please leave a comment below!

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