Last Minute Gift Ideas for Your Crafty Partner

crafty gift ideas

Getting a gift that you know your partner will appreciate for Valentine’s Day can be difficult. Finding that perfect gift can be next to impossible.

If your loved one happens to enjoy crafts, they will appreciate gifts that make it easier for them to enjoy their hobby and create fantastic results.

Here are some sure-fire, last-minute gifts that your crafty partner will love.
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The DIYers Guide to Rewiring Your Garage

Is your garage lacking power? Sometimes we could all do with an extra outlet or two, whether it’s to help us see what we’re doing, install a garage door opener, or for those home DIY projects.

Today we’re going to show you exactly how you can rewire your garage. The process is simpler than you might think, but it still requires skill and attention to detail.
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Where to Look for Heat Loss in Your Garage

Where to Look for Heat Loss in Your Garage

Losing Heat, Losing Money

The amount of heat that leaks out of your home is directly related with the cost of keeping your home warm. Whenever any part of your house isn’t properly sealed and insulated from the effects of winter, utility bills rise. If your garage is attached to your home, check the following places to test for heat loss.
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Create your Dream Living Space with a Garage Conversion


Is it time to expand your living space? Have you been torn between moving to a new home or remodeling your existing home? If this is the case, one option is to renovate your garage.

If your garage isn’t getting much use, converting it can open up many possibilities for your home. A converted garage can become a guest studio, an entertainment space, a “man cave”, a home gym, a recording studio, an office and so on.
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8 advantages of changing your garage door system

Take a look around and you’ll notice that a garage door located on the front of a home takes up from 20 to 40% of the façade. House hunters often notice the garage door first when shopping for a new residence. Here are the benefits of changing or upgrading your garage door, and find out the possible return on investment from the purchase of a new garage door system.
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Are You Paying Too Much to Heat Your Home? Read These 7 Mistakes You Could Be Making

Heating and cooling accounts for roughly 48 percent of all energy use in the average American home.

This means that during the colder months of the year, you can expect your energy bills to go up a bit due to your reliance on heat. However, your energy bills shouldn’t necessarily skyrocket.

If they do, it’s probably because you’re making a common heating mistake. The following are 7 common heating mistakes that can result in higher heating bills:
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The Best Xmas Garage Door Decorations From Around the Web

garage christmas decoration
Christmas often brings out the interior designer within us all as we prepare to enjoy spending time with family and friends over the holiday season.

Your garage door provides you with a great opportunity to decorate the exterior of your home in a display of Christmas spirit.

Here are a variety of ways in which you can infuse your garage with a little bit of Christmas magic.
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