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    Submit an advertising opportunity to Garaga Garage Doors


    Garaga, in partnership with its Garaga Expert dealers, operates in all 10 Canadian provinces and 20 states in the Northeastern United States. To be attentive to possible advertising and promotional opportunities, the Communications group, headquartered in Saint-Georges, carefully studies every offer that is proposed.


    To assist this study, we ask you to fill out the form below and send us any relevant documentation.

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    How would you categorize yourself:


    State(s) you are operating in:


    If you have a local reach, what major areas do you cover?


    Have you ever done business with us or one of our retailer? If positive, which one?  

    What is your distinctive advantage that make you unique for Garaga (max. 100 words)?


    Who could you refer us to that uses your media and that is in the building industry?


    Does our local retailer support your proposal?

    Is there an urgency or promotion related to your offer that has close deadlines?

    How have you identified Garaga as a potential customer of yours?


    If you wish to send us any relevant documents, please put a URL for the document (it needs to be hosted online):



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